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Mar 19 2014

The Kid-Dish: Madonna Wins Purim

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

-Madonna totes won Purim this year by dressing up as the “Game of Thrones” Dragon mom Daenerys Targaryen. Then she posed with Jesus.  (Buzzfeed)

-Busy Philipps also did Purim with her daughters Birdie Leigh and Cricket Pearl, showing off her knowledge of the characters in the Purim story. On Twitter, the “Dawson’s Creek” actress wrote: “Today, my daughter’s preschool celebrated Purim and there were a lot of Queen Esthers that looked suspiciously like Frozen characters.” (Twitter)

-Jemima Kirke likes to do Shabbat with her “super-Jew” hubby and their daughter Rafa, as captured in this beautiful photo series of the “Girls” actress in her every day life. “We do Shabbat sometimes. Mike went to Yeshiva law school. He’s super-Jew and super-corporate. That’s why I was so attracted to him when I met him: the contradiction,” the photo is captioned. (NY Magazine)

-ScarJo debuted a teeny-tiny baby bump this week at the premiere of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Read more about Scarlett’s many Mazal Tovs here(New York Daily News)

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Jan 29 2014

The Kid Dish: Natalie Portman’s Husband is Converting to Judaism

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.


– Israeli-born actress Natalie Portman’s husband, French choreographer and dancer, Benjamin Millipied, recently revealed in an interview that he is in the process of converting to Judaism. The couple and their 2-year-old son, Aleph, are currently in Israel as Natalie works on her directorial debut of Amos Oz’s, A Tale of Love and Darkness. (JTA)

– Madonna and her 8-year-old son, David, hit the Grammy’s together last weekend in matching outfits–planned by David, of course! They’re both “working the Ralph Lauren angle.” (People)

– Cougar Town star Busy Philipps stepped out with her 6-month-old daughter, Cricket Pearl, in L.A at a farmer’s market. This is our first glimpse of baby Cricket! (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– Here’s Rachel Zoe, who gave birth to her second son, Kaius, last month, grabbing frozen yogurt with her fashion-forward 2-year-old, Skyler. (POPSUGAR)

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Dec 4 2013

The Kid-Dish: Rachel Zoe’s Son Officially Loves Hanukkah

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– Breaking news: Rachel Zoe’s son loves Hanukkah. The celebrity stylist posted on Instagram: “Officially Skyler’s favorite holiday. Presents and challah…enough said. #happyhanukkah.” (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– Bethenny Frankel recently got candid about her messy divorce with estranged husband, Jason Hoppy. Here, she compares divorce to different ice cream flavors and dating to food poisoning. Sounds about right. (Classicalite)

– Actress Busy Philipps sits down with Good Morning America and talks about the naming process for her youngest daughter, Cricket. Apparently, little Cricket used to rub her legs together in her mama’s belly. (ABC News)

– Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s 4-year-old twin daughters, Tabitha and Loretta, are adorable in matching pink outfits and furry boots. All smiles in NYC! (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

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Nov 13 2013

The Kid-Dish: Rachel Zoe Doesn’t Look 9 Months Pregnant

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.


- For being 9 months pregnant, Rachel Zoe is hardly showing while walking around with her son Skyler. It’s kind of weird. Where’s her belly? (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

- Actress Busy Phillipps didn’t understand how she would possibly be able to love her second child as much as her first. Luckily, 4-month-old Cricket Pearl is getting lots of love. (People)

- Ruby’s dad Tobey Maguire isn’t a Jew, but her mama, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, is. Here’s Ruby, Tobey, and “uncle” Leonardo DiCaprio hanging in NYC. What a life. (Daily Mail)

- Soleil Moon Frye hit the 2nd Annual Baby2Baby Gala clad in black and glowing with pregnancy. The expectant actress is mama to Poet, 8, and Jagger, 5. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

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Sep 11 2013

Kid-Dish: Rachel Zoe Working Baby Bump #2

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.rachelzoe

– Styling a baby bump can be hard, but not for Rachel Zoe. Expecting her second child, she was spotted leaving her NYC hotel during NYFW looking chic as ever in a comfortable black maxi dress. (Celeb Baby Laundry)

– How did you celebrate your child’s 5th birthday? Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott recently threw a big bash in L.A. with a five-tier multi-colored cake for their oldest daughter, Stella(Daily Mail)

– Liev Schreiber is one of the hottest Jewish dad’s ever. Here’s him and his wife Naomi Watts biking around NYC with their sons Sasha, 6 years old, and Samuel, 4 years old. (Babyrazzi)

– Busy Philipps shared her “baby brain” mishaps with her Instagram followers this week. Enjoy. (Babycenter)

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Jul 24 2013

Kid-Dish: Natalie Portman Takes a Stab at Directing in Israel

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.natalie portman

– Natalie Portman will soon add another title to her name besides award winning actress and mom: movie director. Portman will be heading to Israel to direct her first feature film–an adaptation of Israeli writer Amos Oz’s autobiography A Tale of Darkness and Love. (CBS)

– Busy Philipps was seen out in public for the first time since giving birth to daughter #2, Cricket. The new mom was seen with her husband and two daughters eating lunch in California. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– I was going to congratulate Jason Biggs on the news that he and his wife are expecting their first child, but then I looked him up and realized I was just assuming he was Jewish this whole time because he has dark curly hair and plays a lot of Jewish characters in movies. But, alas, he is not. Ok, congratulations anyway. (Yahoo!)

– Bethenny Frankel was spotted eating Italian ice with daughter Bryn in New York City this week. Click the link to see photos of them looking cute and happy while simultaneously reading the latest ugly rumors from Frankel’s divorce proceedings. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Jul 17 2013

Kid-Dish: Madonna Celebrates Son Rocco’s Bar Mitzvah

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.


This is purely speculation, but I do not believe she wore this to the ceremony.


– Mazel Tov, Rocco! This weekend, Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie joined together to celebrate their son Rocco’s bar mitzvah at the Kabbalah Centre in New York City, where Madge frequents. My only question is did his bar mitzvah have a theme, and is there any possible way they invited Shaun Sperling to perform his famous bar mitzvah dance? (Us Weekly)

– Last week we shared the good news that Busy Philipps welcomed her second child, a healthy baby girl. This week we share the (you decide if it’s good) news that she’s named the baby Cricket Pearl. That means her daughters are named Birdie and Cricket. But before you make fun, Philipps herself has already beat you to it when she Tweeted, “It’s weird people think my kids will be in therapy because of their names. Guys, my kids will be therapy for LOTS of reasons, I’m sure.” (CBS)

– Top Chef: Just Desserts host Gail Simmons has announced she’s pregnant with her first child, which means it’s time for me to announce that I am already insanely jealous of that fetus because just think about all that access to desserts. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– Isla Fisher went shopping with her daughters Olive, 5, and Elula, 2. Elula was rocking some Hello Kitty slippers because obviously she is awesome. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

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Jul 10 2013

The Kid-Dish: Busy Philipps Welcomes Second Daughter, Rachel Zoe is Not Pregnant

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.busy-philipps

- Mazel Tov to Busy Philipps and her screenwriter husband Marc Silverstein, who welcomed their second daughter last week. The couple is still working on a name, but Busy tweeted this sweet photo to her fans with the caption, “So this happened…” (People)

- David Duchovny was spotted with his kid, Kyd (see what I did there?) having breakfast in Malibu. The write-up includes the following line: “Before heading in for breakfast they chatted with a man dressed as a warrior.” Because of course. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– Last month People reported that celebrity stylist and reality star Rachel Zoe was pregnant with her second child, but when congratulated by a paparrazzo, Zoe said she was not. (Celebrity People Scoop)

– If you’re looking for that perfect mommy-and-me outfit and like to spend $100 on a kids shirt, then the new line Gwyneth Paltrow designed for LemLem is perfect! (People)

– Not Jewish, but this royal baby watch is out of control. Be sure to check out the slideshow of chairs and video cameras set up outside the hospital. Any day now, the baby will be born and millions of people will have no idea what to talk about. (Huffington Post)

Mar 6 2013

The Kid-Dish: Kate Hudson on Her Kids’ Privacy & Mullets

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

kate hudson actress- In a recent Glamour interview, Kate Hudson said she doesn’t mind being in the spotlight, but, “the only thing that gets me angry is with [people who invade the privacy of] the kids.” Also, she mentioned her 20-month-old son Bing has a mullet. Also, she appears topless on the cover. (People)

– Alyson Hannigan was spotted taking daughter Satyana, 5, to The Acorn Store, a Santa Monica shop that specializes in wooden and eco-friendly toys, because everything in California is just better than everything anywhere else. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– Busy Philipps was spotted, baby bump and all, looking pretty and sunshiney and thoroughly hydrated in West Hollywood. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– The 28th Annual Guild Hall Academy of the Arts Lifetime Achievement Awards was the perfect excuse for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick to hob knob with Nathan Lane, Alec Baldwin, and Alec’s pregnant wife, Hilaria. (Babble)

Feb 6 2013

The Kid-Dish: Woody Allen’s Hypochondria, Busy Philipp’s Pregnancy Boobs

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

woody allen- Jewish father Woody Allen breaks down the difference between being a hypochondriac and an alarmist for the New York Times. “I don’t experience imaginary maladies — my maladies are real.” (NYT)

– Busy Philipps hiding the fact that she was pregnant while filming for Cougar Town was a sinch, since her character loves showing off her boobs, and Philipps’ boobs grew three sizes during one season. The more you know. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– New Girl actor Max Greenfield says his 3-year-old daughter Lily is a big “Gangam Style” fan. In other news, I’m a big fan of the fact that Greenfield had a Saturday Night Live-themed bar mitzvah. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– In case you wanted to see 25+ pictures of Natalie Portman eating lunch with her friends, we’ve got you covered. From what I can tell, she ordered a sandwich and juice. (Just Jared)


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