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Apr 2 2014

The Kid-Dish: Regina Spektor is a Mom!

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.Regina

-Singer/Songwriter Regina Spector announced the birth of a baby boy with musician husband Jack Dishel who performs under the band name “Only Son.” So far, the couple is keeping mum on the name. On Facebook, the new mom kvelled, “As you may have noticed, we’re pretty private so we won’t be posting any pictures or updates about him….but we can report that he’s super CUTE!!! Lots of love, mama regi & papa jack (and lil dude too :)).”  Mazel Tov, Regina!(E Online)

-Rachel Zoe showed off photos of 3-month-old Kaius and his big brother 3-year-old Skyler looking adorable on Instagram on Monday. She captioned the pics, ”The boys are weighing in with their opinions on footwear today ;) #hardatwork.” (US Weekly)

-Christina Aguilera seems to have a thing for Jewish men. She announced that she is pregnant with a baby girl with fiance Matt Rutler, and though we have not sifted through his ancestry, the interwebs seem to believe he’s a member of the Tribe. She has a son, Max Liron from her marriage to Jordan Bratman. (People)

-Expectant parents Mila and Ashton visited Kutcher’s family in Iowa this week. The pair announced that they are pregnant last week after Kunis was spotted at a prenatal yoga class. (US Weekly)

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Mar 28 2014

Jon Stewart and Jason Bateman Are “Meshugah” For Passover

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Jon Stuart hosted Jason Bateman on “The Daily Show” recently. Bateman was promoting his newest film, “Bad Words,” but of course the conversation devolved into nonsensical Yiddish before he even sat down. Then, naturally, the pair moved on to bizarre Passover rituals.

Hilarity ensues. See for yourself.

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Mar 4 2014

Breaking News: ScarJo is Preggers! Mazal Tov!

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We called it! In 2010, though she was not yet a mom, Scarlett managed to make Kveller’s Top 20 Most Stylish Jewish Mommies in History.

Suzie Felber wrote:

She grew up without much money in New York City, is GQ’s woman of the year, does all sorts of charity works and was, until very recently,  married to People Magazine’s Sexiest Man 2010.  OK fine, she doesn’t have kids, so probably doesn’t count.  But come on — tick tock — she’s going to be on this list (along with Alicia Silverstone) in no time flat. Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 28 2014

Not Quite Ready For the Oscars this Sunday? We Got You Covered

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Been too busy wiping snotty noses, murdering Caillou and pairing mismatched mittens to make it to the movies this winter? Don’t worry, this gaggle of talented kids has your back. Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 26 2014

The Kid-Dish: Jason Biggs’ Boy Gets Snipped!

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

-It’s a boy! Jason Biggs, who describes himself on Twitter as “Jewiest looking non-Jew,” consistently gets cast in super Jewish roles, despite being Roman Catholic. His actress wife Jenny Mollen (the jury is still out on her ethnic make-up) has been updating us via Instagram on the birth of baby Sid (SO Jewish!) who apparently had a bris yesterday! “Today was not a good day to be Sid’s penis. #babybiggs #circumcision,” Jenny quipped in one photo.  (Instagram)

-Simon Cowell welcomed new baby Eric into the world with girlfriend Lauren Silverman. If you haven’t been following the shanda, Lauren was allegedly married to Simon’s close friend Andrew Silverman when the relationship began, and their divorce was only finalized late into her pregnancy with baby Cowell. The first-time father showed his softer side as he captioned an online photo of his new family, “I never knew how much love and pride I would feel.” (The Hollywood Gossip)

-Adam Brody–or Seth Cohen, as we know him– is off the market. The adorkable curly-haired “OC” star recently wed “Gossip Girl” actress Leighton Meester in a surreal union that seems concocted in teen drama fan club heaven. Let’s hope they get busy and make us some beautiful, Jew-froed, teen-drama hybrid babies soon. (Pop Watch)

-If anyone can rock a baby bump, it’s Drew Barrymore. Drew dazzles in this gallery of chic red-carpet frocks and gowns. Mazel Tov, Drew!  We love you! (People)

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Jul 9 2012

Good Thing Kids Are Less Judgmental Than Adults

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rainbow glassesAs beautifully stated in Jordana’s recent post, Anderson Cooper’s coming out made me think about “the rights of others to live and love as they will.” I was raised about as socially conservative as they get, attending a glaringly white high school and having never met a Jew.

Thankfully, when I was 8 my mother gave into my relentless nagging and agreed to drive me into the city for theater classes where I was able to thrive amongst the spirit and diversity offered there. The director was brilliant, charismatic, patient and loved working with children. He was also often accompanied to rehearsals by his partner. It never occurred to me, even as a pre-teen, that the director having a boyfriend was any less desirable than him loving a woman. I have no idea how my impressionable and incredibly naïve youth was somehow free of sexual judgment. It was almost as if I was born with rainbow-colored glasses and thankfully, no one–at least no one whose opinion I modeled or valued–ever did anything to change that. For this I am incredibly grateful. Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 3 2012

The One Thing I Actually Learned From Anderson Cooper’s Coming Out

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anderson cooper is gayFor those of you who missed it yesterday, Anderson Cooper is gay. In other news, I am carbon based.

I don’t know too many people who were shocked by the “revelation” that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is gay. I immediately penned an Onion-esque headline: “Anderson Cooper Comes Out As Gay: One Person On Planet Surprised.” Also, I firmly believe that sexuality is part and parcel of who a person is, and that each person should embrace and be happy with who they are. In short, good for him.

Both of these statements, of course, perhaps reflect the fact that I live in a comparatively liberal, Jewish, nebbishy Northeastern US bubble. I’m sure that in many places, Cooper’s revelation that he is gay was shocking and perhaps upsetting–but those worlds and Facebook feeds are far from my own. Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 14 2012

Pop Quiz: Famous Jewish Dads

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famous jewish dadsWe’ve introduced you to the JDILFs. You’ve gotten your latest issue of the Dad-Dish. And now, it’s time to test how much you know about those celebrity Jewish dads.

Who’s married to who? What did they name their kids? Who makes the most money? (Just kidding, we don’t really ask that.)

In honor of Dude Week, take the Famous Jewish Dads Quiz on Kveller today!

Feb 23 2012

Is Rihanna Guilty, Too?

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Chris brown and rihannaSometimes I love this world, and sometimes I love its anger. The righteous anger, I mean–the kind that courses through your veins and makes you want to taste blood, not in a vampire way, but in a fighting way.

That’s how I felt yesterday when WWE wrestler CM Punk challenged girlfriend-beater Chris Brown to a fight. That whole rational part of my mind that thinks that fighting is bad? Screw that. Totally trumped by the part of my brain that grew up on G.I. Joe and Superfriends and wants to see evil people suffer, and suffer painfully and loudly. It’s also how I felt when I was a teenager and my best friend was sexually assaulted. And how I felt when I was in my 20s and this girl I had a crush on was raped. I was too mad to be all philosophical and religious and think, everyone gets what’s coming, or to help them to heal, or — as Chris Brown himself encouraged us to do yesterday–to focus on the positive. (Easy to say when you’re not battered and beaten, Chris.) Read the rest of this entry →

Jan 10 2012

How to Officially Convert Beyonce’s Baby to Judaism

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beyonce is pregnantIt’s really hard for me not to talk about Babyonce right now. I mean, it’s clearly hard for the entire world not to talk about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby right now. But, since this is a site with a noted Jewish twist, it sort of doesn’t make sense to talk about Babyonce. Except, of course, if this baby could possibly be considered relatively Jewish in any way. What’s that, you say? You want to hear all of the reasons that this baby could possibly be considered relatively Jewish in any way? Well alright:

1. Her name is Blue Ivy. Blue, like the color of the Israeli flag. Totally Jewish!

2. The baby was born at Lenox Hill Hospital, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. A lot of Jews live there. Very much Jewish!

3. It was widely believed that the baby was supposed to be born at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. A lot of Jews live there, too. Pretty, pretty Jewish!

4. Jay-Z grew up in Brooklyn. Jews live there, too. Automatically Jewish!

5. A parody was made of Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies” called “Jewish Single Ladies“. That makes Beyonce Jewish by osmosis, or something. Definitely Jewish!

So now that we’ve very scientifically proved Blue Ivy’s Jewish heritage, can we talk about how the new parents rented out the entire maternity ward to deliver their baby (or maybe they didn’t?) Or how Jay-Z already has a hit song all about baby Blue? Or about how Suri Cruise is really mad about this baby? Or how former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams refuses to congratulate Beyonce on Twitter? So much Babyonce, I’m going to explode!


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