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Jan 27 2014

Welcome to the World, Riley Isaac!

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welcome to the world, riley isaac tolsky



It is with the utmost auntie pride that I announce the birth of my new nephew, Riley Isaac Tolsky, born on January 25th in cold, snowy Chicago. Mom, Dad, and baby are all doing great. And as Kveller’s resident childless aunt, you can bet my heart’s working in overdrive, having just welcomed another nephew last September.

I haven’t had a chance to meet Riley yet, but I’ve got a good feeling about him: he’s named after both of my amazing grandfathers who recently passed away, so with their legacies in mind, he’s off to a great start. Besides, he’s got an incredibly sweet big sister to help him along… Read the rest of this entry →

Jan 20 2012

Circumstantial Infertility–How To Treat Your Childless Friends

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Photo by KOO baby bassinet.

As I sat up last night, rocking Baby G in a fruitless effort to get her to go back to sleep between 3 and 5 am, I’ll admit it – I felt cranky and exhausted.  (Hot tip: giving baby her first bananas ever – i.e. first taste of sugar – at dinner is a mistake: it made her go, for lack of a better word, bananas.)

And I only felt worse when Z, my 8-year-old, came into the room saying, “The baby woke me up and now I can’t sleep.” I felt terrible telling him that Baby G had laid claim to my tired body first for rocking-back-to-sleep purposes. I sat in the plush brown rocker, baby alternately squirming and whining in my arms, and thought, “You know something? I am so unbelievably lucky.” Read the rest of this entry →


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