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Mar 16 2012

Hot Jewish Moms Calendar Contest Winner!

By at 2:46 pm

As Dude Week winds up, we’re very excited to announce the winner of our Hot Jewish Moms Calendar contest. While it was definitely tempting to award one of the naysayers who found the calendar offensive or demeaning (seriously, we’re sorry if you did; it’s all meant in good fun, and we clearly subject both sexes to such silliness), the winner of the calendar is Yiftach Levy!

Congratulations, Yiftach. We hope you can cherish the calendar long after the year is over. (And p.s., we’re a big fan of your Facebook profile picture supporting the Bone Marrow registry!) Happy Dude Week, and have a great Dude Weekend.

Mar 12 2012

Dude Week: Win the Hot Jewish Moms Calendar!

By at 2:00 pm

Hello, fellas! To kick off Dude Week on a high note, we’re announcing a dude-inspired contest. To do so, we asked ourselves one question: What do Jewish dads love more than anything else? The answer was immediately apparent: Hot Jewish moms, of course. So, here’s your one and only chance to win the exclusive HOT JEWISH MOMS CALENDAR. This puppy features 12 months of drop-dead gorgeous Jewesses (and ¬†all the Jewish holidays are listed, so it’s practical!)

To enter to win, just drop us a note in the comments below by this Thursday, March 15th at 5 p.m., and we’ll announce a winner on Friday. One week only! One calendar! 12 hot Jewish moms! Go Dude Week!

Mar 9 2012

Send Us Your Purim Pix

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Some of last year's adorable Purim costumes.

If your kids love dressing up as much as ours do, they’re probably pretty depressed that Purim is over. Combine that with the sugar-low from having already eaten all of the hamantaschen, and man, there’s a tantrum headed your way soon.

But if you’re still not done staring at the adorable pictures of your kids dressed up as animals, clowns, kings, queens, hamantaschen, and more–send them in to us! That’s right folks–it’s our Second Annual Purim Costume Contest. Last year we attempted to pick winners, but that was WAY hard. How do you decide the cutest of cute kids dressed in costumes? Impossible. This year, we’ll be doing a photo slideshow–so if you get your photos in by Wednesday, March 14 at 5 pm, your kids will be live on Kveller before you know it!

Just send your photos to to share the cuteness. We can’t wait to see them!

Mar 5 2012

Cookie Winner! (Eats Latkes While Deployed in Iraq)

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In a way, latkes and cookies look a lot a like...

We love running contests here at Kveller. It’s so much fun to give away things like cookies. So congratulations to Naomi Mercer on getting a yummy package of Almondina cookies in the mail!

We asked contest entrants to tell us about a family recipe that they loved. Naomi, being a recent convert to Judaism, didn’t have a long-time family recipe to share, but she told a story about latkes and being deployed in Iraq that you won’t want to miss. Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 27 2012

Purim Book Contest

By at 10:06 am

This book can be yours if you win!

The holiday of Purim is coming up soon, so it’s contest time. Why? The word purim means lots, and comes from the fact that the evil Haman drew lots to pick the date on which he would kill all the Jews. Yuck. But we’re taking the idea of drawing lots and making it positive–we’re going to draw lots to choose three winners who will each get a copy of the newest Purim book off the Kar-Ben press, Barnyard Purim, by Kelly Terwilliger.

Barnyard Purim tells the story of crazy farm animals who decide to put on a Purim shpiel (a play telling the story of Purim). A few misunderstandings and zaniness ensues, with lots of fun along the way.

And THREE lucky winners will win a copy! To enter the contest, just leave us a note below saying hello.

Enter by Wednesday, February 29 at 5 pm. Good luck!

Feb 21 2012

More Cookies

By at 1:31 pm
coffee heart

Even your coffee will love Almondina cookies.

In case you’d forgotten, we’re still in the midst of our cookie contest. Cookie contest, you say? Yes! You can win a delivery of delicious little Almondina cookies. We tried them out at our office and they’re tasty–and actually, pretty healthy too.

So how do you win a cookie package? The story behind Almondina is that it was a bubbe’s secret recipe for many years. We want to know about your family’s secret recipes–just comment below and tell us what your best family recipe is, and why. (And if it’s really that good, tell us–and maybe we can get it published on Kveller, too!)

We’ve extended the contest until Friday, February 24 at 5 pm–so enter now!

Feb 15 2012

Cookie Contest!

By at 1:10 pm

Delicious little cookies--and healthy too.

Last week, the Kveller office was graced with a pretty incredible package of cookies. They were so good that we ate them all. In a week. Yes, yes, we did.

Before you get too jealous and hungry, let me tell you that we’re now offering a package of cookies to one of you, our dear readers. These Almondina cookies are perfect to go along with your morning tea or coffee, and they’re pretty healthy too, as cookies go.

We also think the Almondina story is pretty cool–they were a bubbe’s secret recipe that she only gave to the family at the very end of her life.

So how do you enter and win? We want you to share your favorite family recipe with us. The winning entry will win a big box of cookies and the recipe will be published on Kveller.

So please send your recipes to with the subject line “Cookies.”

The contest is open until Wednesday February 22.

Feb 13 2012

Our Latest Contest Winners

By at 4:42 pm
Not an Oscar

No, we're not giving away Oscars. Not yet, at least.

It’s been a great time for contests here at Kveller. We gave away a huge package of organic Medjool dates from Israeli Harvest, and a free make-your-own book from Scribblitt. All in a day’s work, folks.

Congratulations to Mary Ruth Andrews, of Gladwin, Michigan, on winning the delicious dates. And congratulations to Dave Dudek of Weston, Massachusetts on winning the make-your-own book. We hope you both enjoy your prizes!

And if you missed out on entering these contests, don’t despair. Keep your eyes on the blog for another one coming your way next week!

Feb 1 2012

Tu Bishvat Contest: Who Needs a Date?

By at 4:18 pm

Serving bowl not included.

Tu Bishvat is all about the trees and fruit. And while it would be difficult to give away a whole tree, we are offering up some yummy fruit, and by that we mean a box of dates.

Here at Kveller, we’re partnering with our contributor Tanya Tolchin, who has a farm in Maryland and runs an organization called Israeli Harvest. The organization supports farming in Israel by offering Israeli farm products in the United States.

So if you win this contest, you’ll get a package of delicious, giant, and amazing medjool dates, straight from Israel. (Note: we can only deliver to people within the continental U.S, unfortunately.) A great way to celebrate Tu Bishvat, for sure! Oh, and if you don’t win, you can always order your own package of deliciousness right here.

To enter? Just name your favorite fruit below and we’ll select a reader at random by Friday at 5 pm. Good luck!

(Tu Bishvat, often called the birthday of the trees, starts on Tuesday night, February 7. The holiday is celebrated by eating new fruit, drinking some wine, and appreciating trees and the environment in all their glory.)

Jan 30 2012

Contest: Make-Your-Own-Book

By at 12:43 pm
Scribblitt Book

You too can make your own personalized books with Scribblitt.

Now that my daughter is 2.5-years-old, our lives have changed a bit. She’s big enough to do a somersault, she can recite books along with us, and she loves it when we tell her stories. In fact, stories are her new obsession. Some stories are from her life, like the time we went to see Auntie Kim run the Philadelphia Marathon. Others are made up, like Queen Midas who turns everything she touches into candy. Read the rest of this entry →


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