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Sep 23 2014

Mother Bakes Vagina Cookies for Daughter’s 2nd Grade Class, Feuds With Teacher

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Granted, it probably won’t cause lasting harm if your kid views a Georgia O’Keefe painting, sees you walk around naked, or overhears Joan Rivers telling a vagina joke. But it seems one mama took anatomical pride a bit too far when she brought vagina-shaped cookies to her child’s 2nd grade classroom, suggesting a vagina-themed lesson to go with them.

According to a Reddit poster, who was repeating the story for her friend, the teacher, parents were invited bring in hypoallergenic snacks on Fridays as an occasional treat.

Here’s how it went down: Read the rest of this entry →

Sep 5 2014

Free Stuff Alert: Dairy-Free Kosher Cookies from Nomoo Cookie Company

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Foodies, this one is for you.

We are giving away this lovely assortment of cookies from gourmet, dairy-free, kosher cookie maker Nomoo Cookie Company.

Made from high-quality, natural ingredients, the flavors included are ALMOND OY!, CHOCO-LIFT,  OAT RAGEOUS ONE, and SUGAH SUGAH. We sampled all four flavors here at Kveller and the consensus was that they’re all delicious and you definitely don’t miss the dairy. Each cookie is individually wrapped for freshness and they even arrive in a pretty box. Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 18 2014

Some Promises Are Made to be Broken

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This post is part of our Torah commentary series. This Shabbat we read Parashat Mattot. To read a summary of the portion and learn more, click here.

My vows about what kind of pregnant lady I’d be went out the window early, when I realized that eating an entire bag of gingersnaps would cure my morning sickness.

I had a lot of ideas about what kind of pregnant lady I’d be (cute, active, not too huge); what kind of birth I’d have (natural, empowering); and what kind of mom I would be (cute, active, not too emotional). Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 27 2014

The Glamorous Housewife’s Guide to Shabbat: Cold Weather Comfort Food

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Ever tried hosting your own Shabbat dinner and felt a touch… overwhelmed? Bethany from The Glamorous Housewife is here to help with her monthly how-to series on Kveller. Read last month’s Shabbat Dinner Guide here.

We are deep into winter and although many of us long for spring, the weather is still cold and comfort food is often what we all crave. Therefore I thought a traditional brisket would be a perfect main dish for this month’s meal. The recipe I use the most is via The Barefoot Contessa because I think it is quite easy and totally foolproof. My favorite part about this dish is it can be made the day ahead and then reheated in the sauce. My only tip is to not use brisket but to substitute with chuck roast. Chuck often has more fat than brisket and fat equals flavor and tenderness, so when you cut into it there should be no resistance and the meat will melt like butter! Read the rest of this entry →

Nov 7 2012

Q&A With Hurricane Sandy’s Youngest Relief Workers

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Lulu and Burke, age 5, sold milk and cookies to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. They raised money to give to Masbia Soup Kitchen in New York. We have an exclusive Q&A with these two generous (and adorable) kiddos.

Was Hurricane Sandy scary?

Yes, because it broke down everything. It was so windy and rainy. Guess what? Red Hook lost electricity, the traffic lights ran out and I was thinking about the houses. I felt cozy in my house. Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 5 2012

Cookie Winner! (Eats Latkes While Deployed in Iraq)

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In a way, latkes and cookies look a lot a like...

We love running contests here at Kveller. It’s so much fun to give away things like cookies. So congratulations to Naomi Mercer on getting a yummy package of Almondina cookies in the mail!

We asked contest entrants to tell us about a family recipe that they loved. Naomi, being a recent convert to Judaism, didn’t have a long-time family recipe to share, but she told a story about latkes and being deployed in Iraq that you won’t want to miss. Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 21 2012

More Cookies

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coffee heart

Even your coffee will love Almondina cookies.

In case you’d forgotten, we’re still in the midst of our cookie contest. Cookie contest, you say? Yes! You can win a delivery of delicious little Almondina cookies. We tried them out at our office and they’re tasty–and actually, pretty healthy too.

So how do you win a cookie package? The story behind Almondina is that it was a bubbe’s secret recipe for many years. We want to know about your family’s secret recipes–just comment below and tell us what your best family recipe is, and why. (And if it’s really that good, tell us–and maybe we can get it published on Kveller, too!)

We’ve extended the contest until Friday, February 24 at 5 pm–so enter now!

Feb 15 2012

Cookie Contest!

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Delicious little cookies--and healthy too.

Last week, the Kveller office was graced with a pretty incredible package of cookies. They were so good that we ate them all. In a week. Yes, yes, we did.

Before you get too jealous and hungry, let me tell you that we’re now offering a package of cookies to one of you, our dear readers. These Almondina cookies are perfect to go along with your morning tea or coffee, and they’re pretty healthy too, as cookies go.

We also think the Almondina story is pretty cool–they were a bubbe’s secret recipe that she only gave to the family at the very end of her life.

So how do you enter and win? We want you to share your favorite family recipe with us. The winning entry will win a big box of cookies and the recipe will be published on Kveller.

So please send your recipes to with the subject line “Cookies.”

The contest is open until Wednesday February 22.


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