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Jun 24 2011

When Mama’s Gettin’ High

By at 1:40 pm

According to the New York Post, “more and more” moms are smoking pot in order to “chillax” from the stresses of childcare. Of course, no statistics or numbers are actually given illustrating this idea, but let’s go along with it for blog posting purposes.

Yes, I get that stay-at-home parents have more than their fair share of insane days surfing the turbulent tides of toddler mood swings, accompanied by the soothing Muzak of temper tantrums and virtuoso whining. But the moms quoted in the New York Post article (am I the only one skeptical of quotes from unnamed sources?) take it a step further – they don’t just smoke up to unwind after the kid goes to sleep. Rather, it’s what they regularly do to get through the day. Which, to me, seems highly not-kosher. And I’m speaking as someone who believes pot should be legalized, but that’s another article. Let’s focus on the Post for a second. Read the rest of this entry →


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