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May 18 2012

Cheesecake, Blintzes, and More Dairy Recipes for Shavuot

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Are you ready for Shavuot? This dairy-filled holiday is a celebration of receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai, and is traditionally celebrated by eating dairy foods and staying up all night learning. (Or, if you’re a new parent, staying up all night with the baby!) You can get all of the details on the how, why, and what of Shavuot here.

But if your favorite part of Shavuot is the dairy deliciousness, you’re in luck. We’ve scoured the internet for some amazing dairy goodness and are excited to share the results below, and on our Pinterest board too. Enjoy!

A basic cheesecake is a classic way to go for Shavuot. But if you’re bored with the old standby recipe, try these variations on for size. Looks delish!

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May 17 2012

Giveaway: Lactose-Free Products for Shavuot

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green valley organice lactose-free productsShavuot is coming up in a little over a week, and with this holiday comes all things dairy. There is a custom of eating dairy foods–especially cheesecake and blintzes–on Shavuot, which is a great excuse to dig into some delicious treats. But as Logan Ritchie just shared with us in her piece on food allergies, a large number of children cannot enjoy these dairy products.

But families dealing with lactose intolerance, have no fear! Green Valley Organics offers a wide array of lactose-free products, and they’ve offered to give away their entire line of lactose free sour cream, yogurts, and kefirs to one lucky Kveller reader. Oh, and a “Love & Dairy” t-shirt. Sweet!

To enter, click here to sign up for our semi-weekly e-letter and then drop us a note in the comments below. If you’re already signed up, then just leave a comment, and you’re all set! We’ll choose a winner on Monday, May 21, so enter today!

And for those of you looking to whip up some lactose-free holiday dishes, be sure to check out Green Organic’s recipes on their site.

Jun 3 2011

Friday Night: Blintzes

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Blintzes are my favorite dairy product for celebrating Shavuot.

So there’s this holiday coming up next week called Shavuot (it’s on Wednesday, June 8). We never really covered this one when I was in Hebrew school–probably because Hebrew school often ended before Shavuot happened–so my understanding of it has always been hazy. Basically we’re celebrating getting the Torah on Mount Sinai. And for some strange reason, we eat dairy products. Deee-lish.

When I was little, my grandmother taught me how to make blintzes. Now, when I say “taught” I mean explained, because my grandmother had such bad rheumatoid arthritis by the time I was 10 that she was wheelchair-bound, and her hands were incredibly bent and she couldn’t herself actually do any of the cooking. But I wanted to learn, and so she led me, step by step, through the process of making blintzes. (If you’ve never made blintzes–there are lots of steps. LOTS.) When I was 18, my grandmother died. Knowing how to make blintzes feels kind of like her legacy to me.

My mom still has my grandmother’s special blintz-making pans, and I have her hand-written recipe cards. When I was pregnant, all I wanted in the world was my grandmother’s blintzes, so my mom and I made them together. I froze them and ate one a day, thinking of my grandmother the whole time, and how someday I’ll teach my daughter how to make blintzes too. And though it wasn’t for Shavuot–they still tasted good.

If you’re craving some blintzes, here’s a great recipe for making your own. Shabbat Shalom, and chag Shavuot sameach–have a happy Shavuot!

For more on Shavuot, try these activities with your kids, including an edible craft, or make your own cheesecake or noodle kugel.


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