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Jan 23 2012

Interview with Interesting Jews: Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen

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deb perelmanDeb Perelman runs the website Smitten Kitchen, a food blog with recipes and pictures that will literally make you drool like a little baby. In her own words, she is “the kind of person you might innocently ask what the difference is between summer and winter squash and she’ll go on for about twenty minutes before coming up for air to a cleared room and you soundly snoring.” We spoke with her about failure, toddlers in the “no” phase, and the future publication of her first cookbook.

If you decided to keep kosher, what food or particular dish would be the hardest to say goodbye to?

I confess that I’d probably miss marshmallows to make my salted brown butter crispy treats for parties the most. Kosher ones are so hard to find! Read the rest of this entry →


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