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Dec 10 2012

Is There a Right Way to Decorate for Hanukkah?

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“But why CAN’T we put up blue and white lights?” pleaded Lilly.

It was not the first time that one of our children has asked this question. Nor, as evidenced by the following advice from the 1959 Guide for the Jewish Homemaker, was this the first time a Jewish child had desired to emulate her neighbors:  Read the rest of this entry →

Apr 24 2012

Giveaway: Baby Nursery Decor

By at 4:39 pm
Matan in Hebrew

The name "Matan" in Hebrew. Get your child's name for your nursery.

They call it nesting: this overwhelming urge when you’re pregnant, to get things ready for the baby’s arrival. Some moms-to-be find themselves cleaning with an urgency they’ve never felt before. Others go through their closets, to send huge bags to Goodwill. And these days, lots of us spend hours on Pinterest, drooling over baby nursery decor.

Luckily, we can help you out with that last one.

We’re giving away some super-cute Jewish baby nursery decorations this week. We were just introduced to a little company called Otiyotli, Letters for Me. They make Hebrew letters to spell out your child’s name that can be hung in your baby’s room. Otiyotli is run by an Israeli mom, Lymor Gal, who lives in Los Angeles. When Lymor’s daughter was born, she couldn’t find anything cute enough for her nursery. So Lymor bought a saw on Craigslist, got herself some paint, and started crafting on her own. Before she knew it, her business had built up beyond family and friends. Check out their Facebook page or their brand new website for more photos and details.

Otiyotli is planning to give away a set of Hebrew letters to a lucky Kveller reader. How do you enter? Just comment below with your child’s name and why you chose it. We’ll pick a winner by Thursday, April 26 at 5 pm–so enter now!

Dec 19 2011

DIY Style for Hanukkah

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I think age 4 was the last time I enjoyed the whole DIY thing.

I’m not crafty. I’m so not crafty that when I bought some cute Hanukkah stamps for my daughter and we used them together to make a card for her great-grandma, I was pretty darned proud of myself. Luckily for me (and any of you like me out there) there are solutions for this. The internet is filled with amazing recipes, crafts, and decor to make your Hanukkah the best ever. Here are some of my favorites…


Over at Matzo Ball Soup, Tali Buchler made these gorgeous Star of David decorations. Might be better to do with slightly older children, but it’s a great way to reuse aluminum containers. (And if you’ve missed Tali’s amazing projects on Kveller, check them out here.)

I was very impressed with this Hanukkah tablescape at Frog Prince Paperie–and for you non-DIY-ers out there, you can just order the printables on their site, follow some instructions, and you too have a gorgeous Hanukkah display!


If you haven’t already checked out the make-your-own menorah here on Kveller, here’s your chance. It’s a far cry from the one you might have made in Hebrew school with some plywood and a few bolts.

I absolutely adore the recycling that Creative Jewish Mom did to make her Hanukkah menorah out of toilet paper tubes. Amazing! But don’t light this one on fire, folks–it’s just to look at.

Joanna at Bible Belt Balabusta is truly gifted at creating edible, holiday-themed snacks, and she’s done it again with these edible dreidels. Just a few candy-based household ingredients and you too can have a lot of fun–and a sugar rush–with your kids. (She also has an impressive PVC menorah that you simply have to check out.)


Speaking of food, did you see our newest additions to the Hanukkah menu? This year, skip the plain old jelly doughnuts–make Hanukkah beignets! These gorgeous, fluffy puffs will make you think you’re in New Orleans, sipping coffee at Cafe du Mond.

And as it turns out–Hanukkah isn’t just about fried food (who knew?!) Cheese is actually a traditional ingredient on Hanukkah, so try out these cheese latkes, eggplant, mushroom, and tomato gratin, and baked goat cheese dessert. You’ll be asking for seconds before you know it.

My final find is a decoration, art project, and recipe all in one–this cupcake menorah over at the Shiksa in the Kitchen. It’s gorgeous and looks absolutely delicious.

But I know this list isn’t exhaustive… what else did I miss out there?

Feb 10 2011

Show Off Your Crib

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Have you seen Tamara Reese’s blog post about how she decorated her nursery? Have you, by any chance, decorated a nursery?

We’d love a peek into our readers’ nurseries to see the fun ways you incorporate Jewish-or-otherwise chotchkies and decorations into your baby’s room. Tell us what awesome items you’ve found and where you bought them, or show us the DIY craft projects you were proud to hang on the wall. And pictures! Send us pictures!

Even if your room didn’t turn out quite as lovely as Tamara’s (because really, have you seen it? It’s awesome), send along your nursery tour to and we’ll feature some of our favorites on the blog.

Oct 22 2010

Friday Night: Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Elephant Salt and Pepper ShakersI’ve always enjoyed the little things in life. They’re easier to control, anyway.

In an unrelated note, my doctor says I need more salt in my diet. The best way to get me to do anything is to put it in the form of something cute. That’s why I’ve always been a fan of shirking the classic boring salt and pepper shakers for something a bit more fun. I love these elephant salt and pepper shakers from Jonathon Adler, which would make any dinner table all the more exciting. If you look close enough, they’ve even got little hearts on their bum. Too cute. Plus, the box they come in is awesome, so it’s like a little bonus gift. Salt on!


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