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Sep 17 2013

Nine Amazing Crafts to Help Decorate Your Sukkah

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Now that you’ve finished crafting for Rosh Hashanah it’s time to switch gears and decorate for Sukkot! (Just wait until the Thanksgiving and Hanukkah decorations overlap this year. OY!) The great thing about Sukkot decorations is that you can save them and use these memories to decorate for years to come.

Garland is a fun addition to any space and you can make it out of tissue paper or yarn. Both would look great hanging from your sukkah roof.

1. Pumpkin garland from Over the Moon: pumpkin garland

2. Pom-Pom Garland from 4 Men 1 Lady:  Read the rest of this entry →

Dec 10 2012

Is There a Right Way to Decorate for Hanukkah?

By at 9:59 am

“But why CAN’T we put up blue and white lights?” pleaded Lilly.

It was not the first time that one of our children has asked this question. Nor, as evidenced by the following advice from the 1959 Guide for the Jewish Homemaker, was this the first time a Jewish child had desired to emulate her neighbors:  Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 2 2012

Babies Don’t Need All That Stuff

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crib in empty room green wallsWhen I left our house to go to the hospital to deliver our firstborn, there was no crib set up. Even though we knew it was going to be a boy, there were no blue walls, expensive bedding, or themed decorations. We were living amongst boxes with a SOLD sign in our front yard. The guest room was sparsely staged and never functioned as the nursery we had planned. While I was recovering and snuggling our newborn, my husband rushed home from the hospital and set up a co-sleeper next to our bed and picked up a changing table from the furniture store. Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 26 2012

Send Us Pictures of Your (Dream) Nursery!

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mariah carey baby nursery room

Nursery a la Mariah Carey.

Calling all nursery shots!

Since Tara just shared with us the details of her nursery-in-progress, we thought it might be fun to see how other Kveller readers have decorated their baby’s rooms. Think of it as the perfect opportunity to kvell over your taste in cribs and frog chotchkies. Have you taken on any DIY decor projects? Found fun ways to add a little Jewish something something to the room? Do tell!

Or, if you’re not 100% happy with your nursery, feel free to send pictures of your dream nursery, too. Or dream items for your nursery.

If you’d like to be included in our picture round-up of nursery rooms, please send a jpeg to Or, if you’re on Pinterest (which you should be, if only to follow us, of course!) pin your pictures and include the hashtag #kvellernursery so we can check them out.

Bonus points to anyone who sends a picture of how their nursery actually looks on a normal basis, not just after you’ve gone through and cleaned it up just for a picture.

Dec 19 2011

DIY Style for Hanukkah

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I think age 4 was the last time I enjoyed the whole DIY thing.

I’m not crafty. I’m so not crafty that when I bought some cute Hanukkah stamps for my daughter and we used them together to make a card for her great-grandma, I was pretty darned proud of myself. Luckily for me (and any of you like me out there) there are solutions for this. The internet is filled with amazing recipes, crafts, and decor to make your Hanukkah the best ever. Here are some of my favorites…


Over at Matzo Ball Soup, Tali Buchler made these gorgeous Star of David decorations. Might be better to do with slightly older children, but it’s a great way to reuse aluminum containers. (And if you’ve missed Tali’s amazing projects on Kveller, check them out here.)

I was very impressed with this Hanukkah tablescape at Frog Prince Paperie–and for you non-DIY-ers out there, you can just order the printables on their site, follow some instructions, and you too have a gorgeous Hanukkah display!


If you haven’t already checked out the make-your-own menorah here on Kveller, here’s your chance. It’s a far cry from the one you might have made in Hebrew school with some plywood and a few bolts.

I absolutely adore the recycling that Creative Jewish Mom did to make her Hanukkah menorah out of toilet paper tubes. Amazing! But don’t light this one on fire, folks–it’s just to look at.

Joanna at Bible Belt Balabusta is truly gifted at creating edible, holiday-themed snacks, and she’s done it again with these edible dreidels. Just a few candy-based household ingredients and you too can have a lot of fun–and a sugar rush–with your kids. (She also has an impressive PVC menorah that you simply have to check out.)


Speaking of food, did you see our newest additions to the Hanukkah menu? This year, skip the plain old jelly doughnuts–make Hanukkah beignets! These gorgeous, fluffy puffs will make you think you’re in New Orleans, sipping coffee at Cafe du Mond.

And as it turns out–Hanukkah isn’t just about fried food (who knew?!) Cheese is actually a traditional ingredient on Hanukkah, so try out these cheese latkes, eggplant, mushroom, and tomato gratin, and baked goat cheese dessert. You’ll be asking for seconds before you know it.

My final find is a decoration, art project, and recipe all in one–this cupcake menorah over at the Shiksa in the Kitchen. It’s gorgeous and looks absolutely delicious.

But I know this list isn’t exhaustive… what else did I miss out there?

Feb 7 2011

A Jewish Nursery on a Budget

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Before I blogged for Kveller, I was an avid reader of it,  and one of the first articles I read was about decorating a Jewish nursery. I’ll admit, I was pretty proud to see three of the ideas I had already incorporated into my son’s space were featured in the article (not bad for a new convert? Eh?)

I didn’t want a nursery that was overly theme-y, kitschy, or with one dominant color (read: a girl’s room that resembles a messy accident at the Pepto-Bismol factory). I wanted a place for my son to learn and explore that was filled with color and meaning. I began thinking of a gender neutral concept and saved countless images and ideas from my favorite children’s design blogs. We knew that we would be moving to a rental soon after the baby was born so I relied more on the design and less on the wall color. We were on a tight budget so I decided against expensive bedding and used a breathable bumper and organic sheet instead.  Most importantly, I wanted there to be Jewish touches in the room.

I found the felt Hebrew wall hanging in a tiny Judaica store in Denver.  I love all the little felt pieces that come out. My son likes to turn them over in his tiny hands (and our cat loves to bat them around the room!)


The Noah’s Ark frame was a gift for our bris and the Star of David painting with my son’s Hebrew name was custom made by Paint Me A Picture Etsy shop.


The kosher piggy bank was a gift from my son’s Doda and it goes perfectly in the space. I can’t wait for him to begin saving his tzedakah money in it.


We hung English alphabet cards above the crib but you could do the same thing with Hebrew Aleph Bet cards.

I found some bookshelves I liked at Pottery Barn but they were WAY too expensive, so my dad made us these three shelves.  I filled the shelves with some of our favorite stories including Goodnight Sh’ma, which we read every night before bed.


The changing table is actually a Swedish-style TV stand that works perfectly–especially for a taller daddy. I love how the legs at the bottom angle out and the wood matches the drawer on the crib. I found the baskets at Crate and Barrel and they fit exactly. We fill them with diapers, wash cloths and changing pad covers–very convenient!

One of my favorite tchotchkeys in the room is the Obama wooden airplane; it is hardwood, with non-toxic, lead-free paint and finish. I felt this was a fun way to commemorate the presidency for my son.


We use the iPod in the nursery every day to play and sing songs from the Oy Baby CD.

I am so happy with our nursery and we put it together for a little over $1000. It is actually my favorite place in the apartment and the time we spend together in here just melts my heart. I love that Jewish symbols are commonplace in our home and feel strongly that visual reminders–even at a very early age–help shape my son’s Jewish identity.


Crib is Baby Mod (

Glider (

Train Rug (

The prints are custom from Etsy designer Lucky BlueBird


The alphabet cards are from Eboo (

Ipod dock (

Yellow table from Urban Outfitters

Toy cube and colored baskets from Target

TV stand (changer) from Value City Furniture


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