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Oct 27 2014

Eight Secrets for Getting Your Kids to Eat Everything

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vegetables at the market

Last year, my daughter Julian and I stopped in front of a vegetable stand at our local farmers’ market. Without even pausing to consider what it would taste like uncooked, my 5-year-old grabbed a piece of raw okra and popped it into her mouth. Moments later, she pronounced it “crunchy and wet” and started filling our bag with handfuls of the green vegetable.

The mom standing next to us gasped, pulled at my shirtsleeve, and desperately insisted I tell her my “secret” for getting my kids to “eat healthy.” To her great disappointment, I explained I didn’t have a secret. Julian recommended she start with the okra and we parted ways.

Each time I’m at the market I hope I run into that mom again because I have since come up with a better answer. Here are my eight not-so-secret rules to get your kids to eat everything:

Rule #1: Let Your Kids Taste Anything Someone Hands Them Read the rest of this entry →

Oct 18 2013

Please Tell Me How to Do Shabbat With Two Under Two

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We are Shabbat rookies in every way.

Before we got married, we decided to raise the kids Jewish. I am Jewish, my husband is not. It was important to me, and my husband liked the idea of them growing up with a faith.

Some of the best advice I got on raising kids Jewish was from a religious school administrator who told me, “Just do Jewish.”

Got it. Do Jewish.

Now what? Read the rest of this entry →

Sep 24 2013

Best Place to Take Your Toddler Out to Dinner: Nowhere

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alexis kort dinner with toddlerBack in the good old pre-baby days, my favorite activity was going out to dinner.

As far as I am concerned, the very best part of living in New York City is having the chance to go to one of the thousands of places to eat in the five boroughs. I loved trying new restaurants, going out with girlfriends for happy hour cocktails and shared appetizers, dinner with Jdates, and then later on, sharing meals with my husband.  I even enjoyed going out to eat by myself with a glass of wine and the latest New Yorker. Read the rest of this entry →

May 20 2013

My Only Parenting Advice Comes Down to One Word: Rituals

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keren brown ritualsEverybody is ready to give you advice. Give them a pacifier. Put them to bed early. Learn to take care of yourself.

Most of this advice has many different sides to it and a lot of it is based on your personality. The only advice I ever needed and want to give is: Rituals. Make them happen. It is the little rituals that have changed my life. Rituals build the moments. Smaller ones and bigger ones that shape who your family is and how they interact. Read the rest of this entry →


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