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Apr 6 2011

Let My Puppy Go

By at 12:23 pm

Why are these dog treats different than all other dog treats? One (hyphenated) word: Kosher-style.

Zoom Room, a dog-agility training center in Hollywood, is offering up kosher-inspired dog treats just in time for Passover, which if you haven’t noticed, is just around the corner.

The treats are locally made, served in deli pints, and come in the following delightfully Jewish flavors:

No word on whether these are actually genuinely Kosher for Passover, though I’m leaning towards not, so if you’re dealing with a highly observant pup, these might not quite cut his or her strict diet. If you’re really concerned about what to do with the dog during Passover, we’ve got some answers. But just picture this: your lovable Jewish dog reclining on his dog bed during the seder, dipping his nose into the water dish twice, and noshing on some kosher chopped liver.

If you’re a dog-owner in the LA area, please head over to Zoom Room at 726 N. La Brea Avenue, mention the secret word ‘Pesach’ for a 15% discout, get your Kosher-style dog treats, and let us know how the dog likes them!

(P.S. Do you have any idea how hard it was not to make some sort of punny joke with Kosher-style/Doggie-style?!)


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