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Jul 8 2014

Dr. Ruth Tweets From Israel

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By now, you’ve probably noticed on your newsfeed that some crazy shit is going down in Israel.

Luckily, sweet, little Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the 86-year-old, Holocaust-surviving, truth-telling sex therapist, is currently in the middle of the chaos sharing dispatches from the Holy Land.

And don’t worry, she’s not scared.

Her latest tweet:

The Haganah was Israel’s pre-state paramilitary unit that eventually became the IDF, and Westheimer was trained as a scout and sniper until she was seriously wounded during the Israeli War of Independence.

While we’re certainly reassured by the image of Dr. Ruth with an Uzi in hand, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Israel and everyone affected by the recent violence.

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Nov 6 2013

Dr. Ruth Talks Sex Post-Menopause: “Be Sexually Active Until the Age of 90″

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“Don’t stop having sex! The Jewish tradition says so; it’s a mitzvah,” commands Dr. Ruth in this informative and laugh-out-loud worthy clip from The Salon, hosted by Forward Editor-in-chief, Jane Eisner, and featuring Lea Goldman, Features Director of Marie Claire.

Dr. Ruth, everyone’s favorite grandma/sex therapist and author of 31 books, breaks it down for her audience (sans frills, per usual) on what it’s like to be sexually active in your post-menopause years.

The best advice she’s got? “Don’t have sex with a dry vagina. It’s painful.”

In the video, Dr. Ruth also proposes to Lea Goldman: “I’d be willing to pose in an nice negligee to show that older people should continue being sexually active. It says so in our tradition! But not with the breasts showing, I don’t like that on older people.”

Obviously, Ms. Goldman should seriously consider Dr. Ruth’s offer.

The Salon is on The Jewish Channel.

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