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Mar 14 2012

The Man Date

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two men drinking beer cartoonEarly in life, I think it’s easier for men to make friends than it is for women:

Kindergarten: I like soccer. Me too. Let’s be friends.

Middle School: I like girls. Me too. Let’s be friends.

High School: I can burp the periodic table. Me too. Let’s be friends.

College: I like beer. Me too. Let’s be friends. Read the rest of this entry →

Pop Quiz: Famous Jewish Dads

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famous jewish dadsWe’ve introduced you to the JDILFs. You’ve gotten your latest issue of the Dad-Dish. And now, it’s time to test how much you know about those celebrity Jewish dads.

Who’s married to who? What did they name their kids? Who makes the most money? (Just kidding, we don’t really ask that.)

In honor of Dude Week, take the Famous Jewish Dads Quiz on Kveller today!

Why Are We Never Called “Working Dads”?

By at 2:52 pm

retro business menGentlewomen of the jury: I used to spend time with my kids. Honestly. Lots of time. Backyard-soccer-and-creating-family-newspapers-and-weird-board-games kind of time.

Don’t do that so much anymore.

Nowadays, when we do fun stuff, like this Gordon Family Pie Fight, it has to be scheduled after office hours or on the weekend.

Y’see, for the last decade or so, I had been a freelance writer and editor, working most of the time at home. Then, in January 2011, I got a full-time office job.

Back in the vocational day, I pretty much always had time to drop off and pick the pishers up at school. I would also hang out and have a cup of Keurig Coffee with our day school‘s cool admissions officer (Boker Tov!) in the mornings. My kids and I would play endless games of run-from-the-monster on the playground afterschool. If someone forgot a book or a lunch, I could easily tear back home and deliver it to the appropriate school locker. Read the rest of this entry →

Interviews with Interesting Dudes: Ross Martin of MTV Scratch

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Ross Martin might be the busiest person I’ve ever met. In addition to heading up MTV Scratch–the network’s creative team aimed at the new millenial generation–he’s also a blogger, an indie poet, and, infamously, one of Amy Sohn’s top Park Slope DILFs. Here, he tells us about being a professional trendsetter but a nerdy dad, how he introduced the world to Matisyahu, and how his staff forces him to be Sabbath-observant.

How do you balance being the cool parent and, well, the voice of responsibility?

Uh, our kids wouldn’t even name me the coolest parent in our family. I try to convince them I’m cool all the time, but it’s just not happening. To them, I’m a “voice of responsibility,” as you put it, who tries really hard to be funny and thinks he’s thinner, less bald, and a better athlete than he actually is.

Do you ever want to keep your kids away from any of the stuff you discover–Jersey Shore, for instance? Read the rest of this entry →

The Dad-Dish: David Beckham & Other Surprising Jewish Dads

By at 11:26 am

All the Jewish celebrity DAD gossip you’ve (n)ever wanted to know.

david beckham with harper and romeo

– My mind was completely blown yesterday when I found out David Beckham had a maternal grandfather who was Jewish, and considers himself “half Jewish.” I could have been writing about Posh and Becks and Harper Seven this whole time??? Anyway, here he is toting around Harper and Romeo (while Victoria was apparently off horseback riding in the Hollywood hills? I am so happy to be able to write about these people!). (Celeb Baby Laundry)

James Van Der Beek and wife Kimberly Brook just welcomed their second child, a brother to 17-month-old Olivia. No clue whether the couple are planning to raise their kids Jewish, but they did get married in a Kabbalah Center in Israel, so they either consider themselves Jewish, or very trendy. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Here’s a nipple shot of Alicia Silverstone’s husband, Christopher Jarecki, wearing 10-month-old Bear Blu (yeah) in a sling. Jarecki opened up about being a dad not long after Bear was born, stating in a blog post, “Bear loves me, but he really loves Alicia. They have a crazy special thing. They flirt with each other like crazy.” (Famecrawler)

– Also new on my radar is David Blaine, whose mother is of Russian Jewish descent. The master of illusions was spotted carrying his 1-year-old daughter in New York City, and though we still don’t know her name, we know she likes pink. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

7 Ways To Be A Better Dude Without Spending A Dime

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Being a dude is hard. You’ve got a family to support, your extra height means you’re always being asked to reach for things in high places, and sometimes it feels like no matter how much you do for everyone it’s never enough. Here are a few small things you can do for free and in less than 30 minutes that will get you all the appreciation you’ve been missing.

    1. Have More Sex. (Sorry, you’ll have to clean first.)  Studies have shown that men who do more domestic work like cleaning, laundry, etc. have more active sex lives.  So next time you find yourself with an extra twenty minutes, find something dirty and clean it.

    2. Finally get rid of that old leather blazer/yellow fleece/tie from your ex-girlfriend. Every dude has something in his closet he knows his partner loathes.  Chances are, her taste is better than yours, so do yourselves both a favor and get rid of the relics from your heavy metal hair band phase or at least let the kids turn them into costumes.

    3. Offer a surprise foot massage. Massaging a foot doesn’t take any real talent or skill, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome (especially for women that are always on their feet or in heels or both).  So next time you’re sitting on the couch, watching TV, offer to relieve your lady’s tired soles with a good old-fashioned foot rub.  All it takes is ten minutes to be the night’s hero.

    4. Use your kids and their art supplies to make Mom a present. As much as we love getting jewelry (seriously, we love jewelry), giving it all the time can get expensive.  So grab the kids, find some craft supplies you’ve already bought, and make something special for Mom.  But also keep buying her jewelry.

    5. Stand up for her (and your) legal rights.  Your partner’s fertility is your fertility, and if the government is controlling her access to birth control, it is also dictating when you can and cannot get laid.  So sign a petition, make a donation, or just speak your mind next time the issue comes up.

    6. Write your own Eshet Hayil. The tradition of singing your wife’s praises at the Shabbat dinner table is an old favorite, but the lyrics are a bit outdated.  (I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had a maidservant in years.)  Compose your own ode to the woman who “arises while it is still night” and whose “value is far beyond pearls.”  Bonus points if you give it a tune and get your kids to sing it with you.

    7. Read Kveller! Okay, yes, this one is a little self-serving on our part, but hear us out.  It might not be you doing the breastfeeding or throwing the baby showers, but it wouldn’t hurt to learn the lingo. And besides, who doesn’t want to learn to make orange popcorn?

Mar 13 2012

Where are All the Nice Single Jewish Boys?

By at 4:31 pm

nice jewish guys calendarIt’s Dude Week here at Kveller, which gives me the perfect opportunity to ask a question that has been bothering me for years now.

Where are all the single Jewish men?

You may think that Kveller isn’t necessarily the right forum for such a question, seeing as how we tend to be more play-date than J-Date around here. But as long as we’ve got the men’s attention this week, I have to ask, where are all of your single buddies? (Please don’t say Israel–nothing against the homeland, but we were hoping for a distinctly American answer in this case.) Read the rest of this entry →

JDILFS (Jewish Dads I’d Like To…)

By at 12:12 pm

A while back, Susie Felber brought us the Top 20 Stylish Jewish Moms in History, and admire them we did. Now, in honor of Dude Week, we are very pleased to present to you Susie’s new collection of stylish Jewish dads, also known as JDILFs. Enjoy!

1. Roman Abramovich

roman abramovichThis Russian mega billionaire has got six kids, a 40-person security team, a yacht with a missile detection system and he’s single! Did I mention the yacht also has a laser shield? Now I did! Yeah I’m using a lot of exclamation points because he’s the #1 JDILF bad boy, what with arrests and allegations as long as his lovely long arms. Hells bells–his eyes are the color of whatever sea he’s sailing on. Who wouldn’t want to take a Roman holiday with this smoking hot real-life Bond super villian? Rowr!

2. Mike D

mike d beastie boysBeastie Boys. Genius. Two kids. Supports his director wife’s cooking for kids show. Debated semantics of Illin’ on Stephen Colbert recently. No debate about how hot he is. Read the rest of this entry →

Interviews with Interesting Dudes: Marc Weiner

By at 10:17 am

marc weinerIf you ever found yourself watching Nickelodeon in the 90s, you may remember an awesome, puppet-filled show called Weinerville. If you ever find yourself watching Nick Jr. these days, you’ll hear the Weinerville star and creator, Marc Weiner, as the voice of Map and Swiper the Fox in Dora the Explorer. We sat down with the comedian and father of three to talk about Pete Seeger, embarrassing dads, and the Jewish heritage of Map.

Growing up, did your kids think it was awesome that you were on TV, or were they embarrassed of their dad, just like everybody else?

Yes both.

Do you think that Jewish people are inherently funnier than the average Joe? Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 12 2012

Getting Lucky with IVF

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The following piece is by the husband of Kveller’s contributing editor, Carla Naumburg. Carla has written about her experience with IVF in the past, so we asked Josh for the man’s perspective.

When I was asked to write about in-vitro fertilization (IVF) for Kveller’s Dude Week, I wasn’t sure they’d picked the right person. My recollections of the experience were sort of boring and the entire experience–both times–was overshadowed by the births of our two wonderful girls (now 3.5 and 1.5). It took my wife, Carla, to remind me that our experience was far from normal and that IVF is always easier for the male partner.

IVF is an incredibly complex (and, for the woman, invasive) process. It involves months of hormones, injections, tests, procedures, and the highly skilled hands of numerous medical professionals. It also requires a lot of luck. Read the rest of this entry →


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