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Nov 12 2012

News Roundup: Pregnancy Sick Leave, Elmo Allegations

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All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

kevin clash elmo

– Pregnant women should get two months of sick leave–that is, before they have their baby–says a new Norwegian study. This is awesome, but unless you live in Norway, you probably can’t expect two months of sick leave :( (Science Blog)

– Want to read some of the best parenting tweets about the election? We like the one about mommy stealing daddy’s margarita. (Huffington Post)

– Kaytlynn Welsch, 12, and her younger sister, Heather Welsch, 10, regularly run–and win–13 mile trail races. Are their parents pushing them too hard? (New York Times)

– A study showed that kids only act generously when they think people can see. I guess kids are pretty savvy operators. (Washington Post)

– And in horribly sad news that we hope turns out not to be true: Kevin Clash, who voices Elmo on Sesame Street, is on leave from his job after allegations (which he claims are false) that he had an inappropriate relationship with an underage boy. (CNN)

Nov 7 2012

Being a Good Sport–Election 2012 Edition

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romney and obama 2012 debateI discovered my 2nd grader, Jonah, has been watching the news. When I leave the room he is watching Ninjago, and when I come back he is watching the news. “If we’re watching anything during dinner, it’s going to be the news,” used to be my husband’s threat to the children when they asked for television during meals. Neither of us expected our boys to run excitedly to the table and ask to watch the election. Read the rest of this entry →

Nov 6 2012

Your Kids Make the Cutest Voters

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We asked on our Facebook page for parents to share photos of their kids tagging along to the voting booths, and you sure delivered! Enjoy these photos of our littlest American patriots in action.

5-year-old voter

Elisha, 5, came to vote with Mommy.

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Don’t Let Politics Ruin Your Relationships

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family voting election 2012

Carla voting with her family this morning.

Today is election day. And I am worried about tomorrow.

Yes, I am worried about what might happen if my candidates don’t win. (I’m not going to get into my personal politics here, but I’m a Reconstructionist Jewish social worker living in Massachusetts. I bet you can figure it out.)

But I’m even more worried about the relationships in our country, and what will come of them. I started getting concerned when I noticed friends announcing that they will “unfriend” people on Facebook who are voting for the other guy. I saw the same trend on Twitter, and on the news. Then I heard this week’s episode of This American Life, which profiled friends and family members who are no longer talking as a result of this election. And I realized that relationships are falling apart all over the country, not just in my community. Read the rest of this entry →

Nov 5 2012

Take Your Child To Vote Day

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voting with a baby

Voting with my son in 2008.

My son was born four years ago, a month before the presidential election. With him in an Ergo, I took the sleeping baby with me to vote.

A few times since, I have taken him with me to vote in more local elections, though it’s less exciting with the new technology in my district: no fun knobs to turn. My husband and I are interested in politics but rarely, if ever, discuss it in front of our children. Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 20 2012

Let’s Talk About Sex and Politics

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We would probably be remiss if we didn’t post something about the absolutely horrific stupidity of Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri, the Republican candidate for the Missouri Senate race. As you all probably know by now, Akin told a news station on Sunday that “legitimate rape” rarely causes pregnancy: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Read the rest of this entry →


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