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Oct 21 2013

Your Kids Are Not That Special (And That’s OK)

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you are special

New York Magazine recently had a story asking “Is Ethical Parenting Possible?” Their answer, in short: No. Well, not if you ever want your kid to be somebody, and everyone wants their kids to be somebody, so, well, no.

A few bon mots from the story’s author, Lisa Miller:

“Parenthood, like war, is a state in which it’s impossible to be moral.”

“Every hour, it seems, a parent is given the opportunity to choose between her child and a greater good, and in those moments the primal parental impulse can be overpowering.”

And my favorite, an egregiously revisionist reading of the bible: “Ever since Noah installed his own three sons upon the ark and left the rest of the world to drown, protecting and privileging one’s own kids at the expense of other people has been the name of the game.” Read the rest of this entry →


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