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Jan 1 2014

Confessions of a Fat Mom

By at 11:38 am

weight scale with measuring tape

This morning I read this piece about a woman who had a fat mother whose shame about her body changed her daughter’s ideas of beauty, and not for the better.

I am fat. I am fat enough that I notice that people stare at me and avert their eyes uncomfortably when I make eye contact with them. People cast their eyes downward at me on airplanes if they realize I have to sit next to them. Believe me, I am the uncomfortable one, having to somehow fit my plus-sized form into those tiny commuter plane seats and then have to fasten my seat belt while six pairs of eyes stare at me to see if I can.

I am also a mom.

My daughter tells me nearly every single day that I am beautiful.   Read the rest of this entry →


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