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Nov 4 2014

Another Woman Scolded My Son

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Another Woman Scolded My Son

During a recent trip to the supermarket, my normally well-behaved son (or as well-behaved as a 2.5-year-old gets) started acting out while we were on the checkout line. I’ll admit it wasn’t pretty. As we waited for the woman in front of us to finish bagging and organizing her groceries, my son started grabbing candy bars off the nearby display (why do they have to put them so close to the checkout counters anyway?), yanking random items off the checkout counter, and throwing them back into our cart.

In his defense, he was overdue for both lunch and a nap, and also, he’s 2.5. At that age, you can’t always expect perfect behavior. Still, my son was certainly acting out in a public place, and so I did my best to appease him while we waited our turn. In this sort of situation, I suppose yelling or very firmly scolding is an option if you’re the parent. But instead, I tried soothing my son and calming him down, recognizing that his behavior was likely the result of being hungry and tired (not a great combination). Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 29 2013

Peed on Passover

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puzzle piecesAfter a really fun family seder, I was beaming with pride as I cleaned up some puzzles on the floor. My firstborn was running the house naked waiting for the baby to be done in the bath. A split second later, I look up and he is peeing all over me. All over the carpet, the puzzles, my pants. FOUR CUPS OF GRAPE JUICE WORTH OF WIZ! He was laughing and wiggling around, a hose of urine streaming back and forth. At first I sat there completely stunned and then I started shouting for him to stop peeing on me and begging, “Why are you doing this? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Read the rest of this entry →


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