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Apr 7 2014

Top 10 Kitschiest Passover Seder Gifts of All Time

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It’s never too early to start prepping for Passover. There is an endless list of food and Judaica items you will need in order to create the perfect seder. These things are not on it.

If you are smart, you will bail on the sh*tstorm that is Passover planning by attending a friend or relative’s seder. And when you arrive–spouse and kiddies in tow–you should bring a gift. Sort of a “thank you for hosting”/ “sorry for the inevitable toddler-induced grape juice stains on your white table cloth” kind of gift.

We can help. These Passover products range from funny, to gross, to just plain ridiculous. They are absolutely unnecessary, but fun nonetheless, and may bring a little levity to an otherwise solemn holiday.  Read the rest of this entry →

Sep 6 2012

Must-Have (Cute!) Items for Rosh Hashanah 2012

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In case you haven’t noticed, Rosh Hashanah and the rest of those High Holidays are coming up very, very quickly (September 16th, to be exact). If you’re hosting a family get together or just want to spruce up your home decor in time for the New Year, there are plenty of goodies that will do the trick. We’ve teamed up with our favorite Judaica shop, Modern Tribe, to bring you the best Rosh Hashanah gear around. Best of all: Part of every purchase goes to support Kveller.

Challah Time

One thing that makes Rosh Hashanah special is that even the challah gets a little jazzed up–it’s customary to eat round challah to represent the cycle of the year and the circle of life and all that good stuff. If you’d like to display your round challah in style, check out this beautiful wood tray: Read the rest of this entry →


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