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Jan 30 2014

What Fakebooking Looked Like in the 1950s

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GrandmaDolledUp copy

In the old video we just had restored to DVD, my grandmother wears bright red lipstick and a sparkly blue sweater as she undresses my mother for her bath. Her hair is perfectly coiffed. She smiles and bats her eyes. The year is 1951.

Impressed, I told Grandma that I’m usually in mismatched PJs and a shower cap when bath time rolls around, screaming downstairs for my husband to fetch me the last clean towel. “I think I’m doing something wrong,” I admitted.

“Oh, honey,” said Grandma. “I’m sure I dressed up for the camera–and the camera man.”

And there I had it: proof that “Fakebooking” thrived well before Facebook rolled around. Read the rest of this entry →


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