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Aug 23 2012

My Kids Were Away at Camp & I Didn’t Miss Them

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pick-up day at summer campThe sign-off at the bottom of my letter was a familiar one:

Miss you! xxoo

Love, Mom

It was how I finished every bunk note I sent to my two sons, Noah, 14, and Chase, 12, at sleep away camp this summer. But when I went to press SEND on the last letter of the year, a nagging feeling came over me as I realized that this was just the fourth missive I had written to them in as many weeks. And it had been days since I had scoured the camp website to catch a photo of my precious punims. Suddenly the unthinkable reality was all too clear. I was lying. I did not, in fact, miss my children. At all.

What kind of Jewish mother am I??? Read the rest of this entry →

Apr 20 2012

Friday Night: Stepping Back

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The story of parenting is one of stepping back and stepping away.

The baby leaves your womb, then your breast, and eventually your bed.

Instead of running into your arms, your daughter runs into the world.

Instead of babbling constantly to you, she prefers chatting with her friends.

Going off to school, first she cries and clings, then walks slowly away with a quick turn to wave, and later–a “goodbye, Mommy” and a sprint to the kids at the other end of the schoolyard. Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 20 2012

This Too Shall Pass, Even If You Don’t Want it To

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this too shall pass hebrew necklaceWhen I was a new parent, celebrating a baby who was finally sleeping through the night or bemoaning the challenges of introducing solid foods, a more experienced parent would inevitably tell me that it was only a phase. This response irritated me to no end. Perhaps it was because I didn’t fully get what that meant, perhaps it was because I felt patronized, but for whatever reason, I didn’t want to hear it.

Over the past three and a half years, as I have watched my daughters grow from newborns to infants and then toddlers, and now that my older girl is a preschooler, I have come to see the wisdom of those words. Yet I prefer to think about it from a slightly different perspective, one that a fellow Jewish Mama reminded me of recently.

This too shall pass. Read the rest of this entry →


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