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May 1 2014

Sarah Palin Named Her Dog Hadassa

By at 4:02 pm

First Sarah Palin showed up in Israel wearing a GIANT Star of David pendant. Now she’s naming her pets with the Jewish state in mind.┬áNo word on whether she’s planning on joining the the Zionist women’s organization by the same name. For those of you in the baby-naming stage, Hadassah is a Hebrew girl’s name which means “myrtle.”


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Aug 7 2013

Are You a Woman? We Want to Hear Your Opinion

By at 11:58 am

global issues word chartHere’s a friendly reminder that we are currently running a survey, in collaboration with Hadassah, all about women and issues. If you’ve got thoughts on important issues like Israel, reproductive rights, gun control, and gay marriage, we kindly ask that you take five minutes to fill out the survey and help us get a better sense of what makes our readers tick.

Take the survey now.

Just as a thank you, all survey participants will be entered to win one of five $50 Amazon gift cards. Survey on!

Jul 11 2013

We Would Like to Hear Your Opinions on Things

By at 3:23 pm

hadassah surveyWe’re guessing that when it comes to major issues like women’s health, gun control, Israel, and gay marriage, you’ve got some opinions. Which is why we’re asking you to take five minutes out of your day to take our “Women & Issues” survey, co-sponsored by Hadassah.

The survey will help us and Hadassah learn a little more about what issues are important to our readers, because as the old adage goes, what’s important to the readers is important to the blog (OK, nobody’s ever said that, but still). Plus, all survey participants will be entered in a drawing to win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards just for sharing your thoughts.

Please help us out by taking the survey today!

Click here to take the survey



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