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Jun 11 2014

After Years of Upheaval, We Finally Have a Home

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The early milestones in my life were not happy ones, revolving around death and displacement. I also was sick for part of my early adulthood and the years blended together into a blur without any milestones to mark the passage of time.

So, when I met my husband just over four years ago, it was almost as if my life started back up again in overdrive. Our milestones have been making up for lost time I suppose. Almost four years ago I had our son and 13 months ago our twin daughters were born. In the past five years, I have moved eight times and lived in four different cities. While all this roving around has been exciting, it has also been exceedingly stressful and exhausting. The time had finally come for the moving to stop.

Two years ago we landed in West Hartford, Connecticut, where we fell in love with just about everything and everyone who crossed our paths. We knew fairly quickly that this was it–the place we were going to put down roots and raise our children. We could think of no better place to celebrate all of our family’s future milestones. Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 27 2012

Some Burning Questions About Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Home

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gwyneth paltrow chris martin mansionCan you spare a few seconds for some frivolous celebrity gossip? (Yes, it may be a slow day at Kveller…)

Gwyneth “Goop” Paltrow and Chris “Coldplay” Martin recently purchased a $10.45 million dollar house in Mandeville Canyon, Los Angeles. This is not such a big deal for a couple of celebrity superstars, though as the details of this house unfold, we, the lowly non-celebrity-superstar editors of Kveller, do have some thoughts. Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 4 2012

Am I Really Old Enough to Own a House?

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suburban houseSo…we did it. After blogging here on my hesitations about the ‘burbs, after swearing up and down that this wouldn’t be us and flapping our gums at anyone who would listen–after pooh-poohing the pool club memberships and the landscapers and the minivans, we took the plunge and made an offer on a house a mere 20 minutes from where I grew up. Gah!

We twitched our way from accepted offer to signing a contract and wrote a check bigger than any check we’ve ever written. And perhaps most remarkable, we felt ourselves begin to get excited. We started fantasizing over peanut butter and jelly about the elaborate dinner parties we would cook in our big fancy kitchen and host on our new deck. We envisioned Avi and Maya and Pretzel (the dog) scampering around in the big old yard out back. We filled our days with what-ifs, both good and bad. We started planning for our move. Read the rest of this entry →


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