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Dec 27 2012

My Son’s Imaginary Friend is a Criminal

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When my children were younger, and people would inevitably remark about how well they “entertained themselves,” I would reluctantly acknowledge that I encouraged them by ignoring them.

I never neglected my children, and I was enchanted by them–I read them picture books for hours, spoke to them only in my non-native but nearly fluent Hebrew, invented silly songs about our daily routines, and played endless games of Candyland and Brochos Lotto. But I also left them to play alone or with each other while I curled up with a book on the couch. I wanted them to develop their inner lives, strengthen their habits of the mind and spirit, and I needed quiet time for my own flights of imagination, not to mention Shabbat afternoon naps. Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 17 2012

Should I Play Along With My Daughter’s Imaginary Friend?

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imaginary superhero weatherSomeone new is at our house. (Bonus points if you know what book that’s from. Double bonus points if you’ve read it over one hundred times.)

This someone new is a superhero. Her name is Weather. Her costume consists of flowered underpants, an undershirt rolled up into a bikini top, and a ducky blanket for a cape. Her superpower is… uh… weather. She can control the weather. When she feels like it. Which she often does not. But, she still can, so don’t you call her on it.

Unlike the entire population of Metropolis, which seems to have trouble telling Superman from Clark Kent due to his clever, clever use of eye-glasses (did you know that Superman was created by two Jewish kids barely out of their teens and is actually both a Moses parable and a metaphor for “passing” in Gentile society? I have been told this), I’m pretty sure that, by now, you’ve figured out Weather’s secret identity.

She is my 5-year-old daughter. Read the rest of this entry →


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