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Sep 30 2013

My Interfaith Daughter Wants to Know About Jesus

By at 10:14 am

cross necklace

“Who is Jesus?”

Of all the questions my daughter has about the two faiths we celebrate I find this question to be the one that makes me the most nervous. How can I possibly answer her without offending or discrediting our faiths?

My daughter asked this question last week after she noticed my mother wearing a cross. I do not have crosses hung in our house or any other specific religious ornaments other than mezuzahs (which my father in law insisted on hanging for protection). She was immediately intrigued with the necklace for two reasons. Mainly because she has never seen a cross necklace before, and partly because any type of shiny jewelry makes my princess-obsessed daughter giddy with excitement.

My mother explained that it was Jesus hanging on the cross. She quickly changed the subject. She would much rather have me explain religion to her because she insists on being the fun-loving grandmother. She does not want to say something that might be considered hurtful one way or another. Read the rest of this entry →


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