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Nov 18 2013

Free Stuff Alert: New Cookbook, Entree to Judaism for Families

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entree to judaism for families tina wasserman cookbook giveaway

Want to raise kids who love to cook? Tina Wasserman’s new cookbook Entree to Judaism for Families: Jewish Cooking and Kitchen Conversations with Children not only offers easy recipes to do with kids, but conversation starters and activities to help them connect to Jewish history and traditions. From Shabbat specialties like challah and chickens to twists on classic dishes like savory challah bread kugel with dried fruits and sun-dried tomatoes, there’s something for everyone, big and small, to love about this great new cookbook.

The good news? We’ve got three copies of Entree to Judaism for Families to giveaway to our hungriest readers. To enter, fill out the form below and we’ll choose our winners on this Thursday, November 21st. And if you’re in NYC, come meet Tina at her book signing at the Upper West Side Barnes & Noble on Tuesday, November 19th!

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Apr 9 2012

Help! I Need Passover Kid-Friendly Snacks

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Because if your kids eat this much matzah you're going to have some serious bathroom issues.

Now that my kids are old enough to refuse food—the elder, with her words, the younger, by throwing it at me or on the floor—I’m going to need some kid-friendly Passover food.

The meals they actually sit and finish during the rest of the year are tortellini, mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, falafel, and PB&J. That is their palettes’ limit. Read the rest of this entry →

Jan 17 2012

My Daughters Hate Matzah Ball Soup

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chicken soupThe air is crisp, this kitchen is warm, and our space within both… is tight. My girls and I maneuver around each other. Arms and legs, fingers and elbows, tops and bottoms. Our dance is not yet perfected.

Soup boils and I breathe it in–chicken and broth, carrots and celery, dill and freshly cracked pepper–they are part of my story. What I make by heart, and am humbled to know that generations of Jewish women make in the same way, I am about to share with my young daughters.

I made matzo ball soup in my safta‘s kitchen.

Open windows inhaled bright Jerusalem air and exhaled my Grandmother’s recipes. Her round frame and full personality filled the galley kitchen from cold white tile to low beamed ceiling.

My saba stood by her side. His knobby fingers finely shredding, mincing, and dicing a whole chicken, vegetables from the shuk (market), and spices still muddied at the roots. The matted greens from parsley and dill passed from his fingers onto hers and only then into the soup.

I’d dice carrots at the small plastic table behind them, trying to mirror their technique, staying within the shadows of their duet. Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 20 2011

New Quiz: Yiddish Foods

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Call up Bubbe and Zayde and see if they can help you with our new quiz on Yiddish foods. From cold soups to bready cakes to beef stews, this quiz will get your mind and taste buds going.

Whether you ace it or fail miserably, be sure to look up all the recipes for these old world favorites in our recipes database when you’re done. And if you’re hungry for more, this classic scene from Seinfeld proves that the more times you say babka in a minute, the better.

Take the QUIZ now!


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