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Nov 1 2013

Friday Night: The Jews Are Alright

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kids giving thumbs up

This past week, I was lucky enough to fly to Chicago and attend the Covenant Foundation’s awards dinner and symposium. Many months ago, I received the generous invitation to attend the conference as their guest, but also as a guest of my mother, a previous winner of the Covenant award and well-respected Jewish educator. Mostly, I would be there to accompany her; I was my mother’s plus one.

But in terms of the facts (i.e. I am a teacher and a writer) none of what I do is explicitly Jewish education. And in terms of the facts (my mother is very at home in this setting) she didn’t really need me there. And so it was that upon arrival, as Jewish education’s best and brightest swarmed my mom and welcomed her, I found myself feeling a little bit out of place, unsure of my purpose.

As a teacher, I’m used to being up in front of the room. As a writer, I’m used to being squirreled behind a computer. Here, I was sitting at round tables with people whose biographies revealed their very obvious connection to the professional Jewish world. I was an imposter, sharing a hotel room with an insider. Read the rest of this entry →

Oct 24 2013

Congratulations to Us!

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Slingshot women and girls

Forgive us if we take a moment to pat ourselves on the back. was just named by the Slingshot Guide as one of the 18 most inventive and pioneering Jewish organizations and projects impacting the lives of women and girls.

According to the evaluators: has created a relevant and innovative online community, bold on women’s issues, ‘tackling topics and themes that are rarely discussed in a public forum.’

And who are we to disagree. In the past year alone we have taken on miscarriage, infertility, postpartum depression, divorce, rape, abortion, loss of faith in God, and what to do when your son won’t stop saying the word “cock.”

We are proud of the work we’ve all done together in creating a strong, smart, supportive community of women where talk about serious issues is possible.

To read more about the other amazing organizations on the list, go here.

Thank you readers for making Kveller a place we all want to be.


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