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Jun 26 2014

My Magnetless Fridge Makes Me Sad

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I have a new refrigerator. It is shiny and wide with French doors and sports a special kid-friendly snack drawer for easy to grab cheese sticks and Gogurts. It has a special setting for fruits and veggies and organized doors with shelves for varying sizes of bottles and jars. It even lets me know when it hasn’t been shut properly with a cool bell tone.

But, as pretty as my aluminum-covered, jazzy new refrigerator is, it is defunct in one major area: It does not attract my magnets. My old refrigerator used to smile at me every time I went to open its doors. It was chock full of the usual refrigerator accessories: memo boards, magnets of all shapes, sizes, and colors holding up photos and phone numbers, grocery lists, and coupons.

But it wasn’t just a convenient storage place. Our family always had the tradition of showcasing creative accomplishments on the fridge. This tradition was passed down to me from my mother and her mother. It had become our family’s ritual to review the gallery while sipping tea and nibbling on crunchy snacks. Read the rest of this entry →

Oct 19 2011

Setting the Table

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Cooking together is such a luxury.

The kitchen table is a lot more than just a few planks of wood. It’s where memories are made, traditions are continued, and families spend time together. It’s actually one of the most important pieces of furniture in your house.

And, if you’re anything like me, getting dinner on that table can be difficult. Balancing taking care of my daughter with wanting to cook healthy, local, affordable food that everyone wants to eat (including the picky toddler) is really hard. I’ve been trying lots of different techniques–from using the slow cooker to making lots of food on Sunday to eat throughout the week–but sometimes I wish I had someone to tell me exactly what and how to make it all happen.

And sometimes, wishes come true. Enter Hazon‘s Setting the Table, a new program happening here in Brooklyn (again, our apologies to those who don’t live in our esteemed borough). If you’re an expectant parent or have a child ages 0-2, you’re eligible for this awesome series. It’s four cooking classes taught by experienced chef (and local mom), Molly Weingrod. They’ll teach you how to think about cooking for your family, how to cook together, and even what kind of food to buy. You’ll think about what it means to cook sustainable and healthy food, and learn about how that can have a positive impact on your family. You’ll make meals to eat that night at class, and have leftovers to take home and freeze for when you need them. And if you’re a parent, you know that having ready-to-go food in the freezer is key.

There’s a November session and a December session, but the spots are filling up quickly, so sign up now! Families who took the class this past spring were surprised by how amazing it was to actually cook together–they’d cooked for each other, but never with each other. Turns out it’s pretty special. Look at how happy that real-life couple in the photo is!

After I learned about this program, they’d totally convinced me to sign up. Who’s with me?


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