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Mar 26 2012

How an Orthodox College Helped Me Face My Fear of Pink

By at 4:44 pm

twin girls dressed like princesses

When I was pregnant, the thought of having girls terrified me. I rode the subway to work every day and cringed at the young girls headed to school wearing skin-tight jeans and low cut shirts. I watched girls who couldn’t be more than 12 or 13 wearing makeup, flipping their hair, trying to look hot.

I remember wearing sweatpants to school and spending entire summers with my hair in a ponytail. That is what I wanted for my daughters. Or at least, some sort of a balance. I would sit there and agonize about how we were going to keep our girls from feeling like they have to dress provocatively to be noticed. Should we just raise them in a bunker upstate? Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 16 2012

Makeup for Kids? Yuck.

By at 1:01 pm

eye shadowEleven-year-old boys watching porn and now 7-year-old girls wearing makeup.

The voyeur and the objectified, getting ever younger.

The New York Times recently had an article about make-up for the “tweens” and their younger sisters.

What’s next? Wigs for newborns? Bet they’ll only be marketed to baby girls. Read the rest of this entry →


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