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Mar 27 2014

Being a Marine Wife Feels Like a Throw Back to the 1950s–But It Works

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Talking to one of my fellow Jewish Marine Corps wives recently, I realized we became wives and mothers in a different culture than our civilian peers. The norms in our social groups are to stay home with our children and to support our husbands’ careers. Sometimes it seems we are more like 1950’s housewives than liberal 30-something moms.

This is not to say we lack the education, resources, or drive to work outside of our homes. Almost all of the Marine wives I know have college educations and husbands who view them as equals. Most of us expected to have our own successful careers right along side of our Marines. What we didn’t expect were the demands that a military career would have on our families and on us.

Just the moving alone makes finishing a degree program or starting a career more challenging. I married my Hillel sweetheart right out of college and proceeded to move four times in less than three years. Read the rest of this entry →

Sep 14 2012

Rosh Hashanah for a Marine Household

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marine corpsTwo years ago, on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, our moving truck pulled up to our current home in Pensacola, Florida. The move was arranged through the Marine Corps, and did not take into consideration that it was a Jewish holiday. While this might have seemed like a great excuse to skip services, my husband was determined to walk to shul that morning to pray.

Part of this determination stemmed from living, for the past four years, over an hour away from a Conservative congregation. Even when he wasn’t deployed, he struggled just to get to a meaningful High Holiday service. Read the rest of this entry →


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