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Dec 21 2012

Going Back to Work After Baby

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Well, I knew it would have to happen. I knew the date was rapidly approaching. But I didn’t expect it to feel like such a shock…

Yes, I have gone back to work. Noooooo!

While I was not working, especially in the first few weeks when Charly wasn’t doing much other than sleeping, eating, and pooping, I really couldn’t see how anyone could be a stay-at-home Mom. It seemed so boring and lackluster. But I was really being shortsighted. Now, I totally get it. Read the rest of this entry →

Dec 3 2012

News Roundup: Royal Baby Edition

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All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– The Duchess of Cambridge is totally knocked up! And apparently has really bad morning sickness. We’re hoping she recovers quickly and we cannot wait to add her exploits to the Kid-Dish! (Remember how she might be Jewish?). (Washington Post).

– If we go over the fiscal cliff, guess who will be most adversely effected? Women and children living in poverty. Oy. (New York Times)

– Yahoo! CEO Marisa Mayer had her baby, didn’t take maternity leave, and is now saying her baby is “easy.” Some moms aren’t happy with that, but another asks why we can’t just accept that she’s an outlier. (Slate DoubleX)

– There’s a new prenatal test that can detect genetic issues, is way less invasive than an amnio, and can be done earlier in the pregnancy. The catch? The tests aren’t regulated by the FDA and are very expensive. (Washington Post)

Sep 4 2012

Maternity Leave Isn’t Fair

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pregnant woman in office

No one wants to consider pregnancy and birth as “illnesses” and yet maternity leave is, for working women, the equivalent of prolonged sick leave. I have a problem with that. Although women do need to recuperate from birth, and need time to bond with their infants, I think that maternity leave penalizes those other workers who do not have babies during the time they are on the job. It gives new mothers a “perk” that others do not enjoy and forces co-workers to assume more of a burden by expecting them to do their own work, and that of their absent colleague.

And apparently, I’m not the only one who feels so. This Sunday (two days after I wrote this piece) the NY Times ran an article on this very same issue. “Parents are a special class, and they get special treatment,” the article quotes.

Please, Kveller readers, do not verbally lynch me. I am on your side. I realize I am expressing a very non-PC point of view, one at odds with current thinking and existing policy in many countries. But, truthfully, maternity leave just does not seem like equitable treatment in the work place. In the broader context of “work,” it does not seem fair, and may actually hurt women by making women of child-bearing age less attractive to employers because of the anticipated time off. Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 19 2012

Is the Pregnant Yahoo CEO Ruining it For the Rest of Us?

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marissa mayer yahoo ceo maternity leaveWhat do Marissa Mayer and I have in common? Yes, she’s going to be Yahoo’s new CEO, and I’m not, so that’s one small way in which we are different. But we are both seven months pregnant–her with her first child, and me with my fourth. Mayer’s new job–and the timing overlap with her pregnancy/imminent maternity–has set talking heads’ tongues wagging.

Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 18 2012

The Yahoo! CEO & Her Barely There Maternity Leave

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marissa mayer yahoo ceoBy now we all know that Marissa Mayer was just hired as the new CEO of Yahoo!. I had never heard of Ms. Mayer, and I barely remembered what Yahoo! was, and I certainly wouldn’t be writing about either of them, except for one thing.

Ms. Mayer is knocked up. And Yahoo! knew about it when they hired her.

Mothers around the world rejoice whenever a preggo gets hired, and I’m happy to march in that parade. But that’s not what interests me about this story. No, what actually brought me back to the keyboard was a post I recently read about Ms. Mayer’s plans for her maternity leave. According to the author, “She’s planning on taking a mere few weeks, and she’s been vocal about the fact that she plans to work much of the time.” Read the rest of this entry →

Apr 23 2012

Weekly Roundup: Mohel’s ‘Smallest Penis’ Tweet, Australia’s Maternity Bonus

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All the Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

mohel tweet about smallest penis

– Israel’s “Mohel to the Stars” Rabbi Zarki is under fire for tweeting “Today I circumcised a baby with the smallest penis I’ve ever seen – a ‘micro penis.'” In an interview, he further explains that “Sometimes you see a baby that weighs four kilograms, where three of them are the penis and sometimes it’s only a few grams.”(Ynet)

– We’ve survived through another Tax Day, but you still may want to know a little more about one of the most commonly evaded taxes: the “nanny tax.” (The Sisterhood)

– Marjorie Ingall is not the biggest fan of the new movie “Bully,” but is a fan of the new programs that Jewish schools are trying out to raise awareness on this unfortunate phenomenon. (Tablet)

– For an example of a company getting it right, this Australian insurance group not only offers their employees three months of paid maternity leave, but gives a back-to-work bonus when the new mothers come back to work. (Jezebel)

Feb 3 2012

How Do Dads Manage to Do it All?

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man shoes by tom watsonTom Watson, a consultant and father in British Columbia, waged a daily battle with his BlackBerry and preoccupations with work — until he decided to shift the emphasis in his life from being a consultant to being a father. He didn’t change who he was by selling his home and camping out under the stars, but rather, by readjusting his life’s focus.

“Yes, my work was important, but surely it was not more important than spending time with my children and my wife. It was obvious I needed to find a better balance,” Tom Watson writes in his book, Man Shoes: The Journey to Becoming a Better Man, Husband and Father. Read the rest of this entry →


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