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Oct 14 2014

The Day I Had to Tell My Son He Was Different

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When my very bright son’s grades started to plummet, we decided it was time to find out what was going on. In an attempt to help him, we subjected him to a sleep study, neurological exams, academic exams, and psychological testing. At the same time, Joey was struggling with skills for the standardized tests, so he was taking multiple practice exams and being pulled out of class to work with a reading specialist.

He was patient, and handled them all like a champ. Occasionally he’d ask about the testing. We’d give him a simple but truthful answer, and move the conversation along by talking about Minecraft.

After a few weeks, his questions started to change. Instead of asking what the tests were all about, he started to ask if there was something wrong with him, or if he was different than the other kids in his class. I noticed his self-esteem wasn’t doing so hot, and at homework time there were tears. He started to call himself stupid. Read the rest of this entry →

May 2 2014

Celebrity Parents Blast Common Core on Social Media

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Louis CK has been all over the news lately after he took to Twitter to blast the Common Core (a controversial new curriculum that has been adopted by more than 40 states), posting photos of his 3rd grade daughter’s most confusing math problems.

The tweet that started it all: Read the rest of this entry →


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