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Mar 12 2013

Passover Shopping Guide: Matzah Options

By at 12:31 pm

If you’re shopping for Passover, you know you need some matzah, but there’s actually quite the variety out there. Whether you’re looking for classic, gluten-free, or chocolate-covered, we’ve narrowed down our favorite matzah options to make it all the more easy for you. Enjoy!

1. Yehuda Matzah ($27.50) The classic, imported from Israel.yehuda matzah

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Apr 9 2012

Help! I Need Passover Kid-Friendly Snacks

By at 9:37 am

Because if your kids eat this much matzah you're going to have some serious bathroom issues.

Now that my kids are old enough to refuse food—the elder, with her words, the younger, by throwing it at me or on the floor—I’m going to need some kid-friendly Passover food.

The meals they actually sit and finish during the rest of the year are tortellini, mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, falafel, and PB&J. That is their palettes’ limit. Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 29 2012

My Daughter Only Eats Carbs, Passover Will Be Interesting

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Though this is all my 3-year-old wants to eat, it's off-limits during Passover.

Passover starts in less than two weeks. Perhaps not surprisingly, I am completely unprepared.

We have plans for a first seder with my in-laws and a kid-friendly second-seder at our house, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. (And by plans, I mean we have a date and a time. That’s it.) There is not a single box of matzah in our kitchen, and our cupboards are filled with enough macaroni to cover every meal between now and the start of Pesach (my daughters’ idea of heaven, but not so helpful to me). Also, cleaning? Sha. Right. And monkeys might fly out of my… never mind. Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 22 2012

Prepping for Passover

By at 9:31 am

Are you ready for the matzah?

Passover. Just the word conjures up images of matzah balls, bitter horseradish, bubbe’s brisket, and days upon days of matzah-based meals (and sometimes the, errr, stomach issues that come along with it!)

So in honor of this glorious holiday, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite Passover things. We’ve got everything from the basics of the holiday to the best Passover movies to even how to survive your seder with kids. Oh, and don’t forget our recipes page and shopping guide. Enjoy, and get ready to get ready for Passover–starting the evening of Friday, April 6.

And don’t worry–there’s a lot more Passover coming your way…

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