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Aug 22 2012

My 2-Year-Old is a Baby Model

By at 2:22 pm
baby model zulilly

Audrey, the baby model.

Before I began my current position as a writer for a Seattle-based fashion magazine, I scoured the internet daily for local writing jobs. Anything would do. Unable to find something fulfilling, I sucked it up and explored writing product descriptions for online retailers. While reading the career listings on, I got distracted by the word “Models.” (Let this be a lesson to anyone who pays writers by the hour….don’t. We get easily distracted on our computers by anything shiny.)

I submitted info for my toddler, Audrey, who loves to play dress-up and smile for the camera. Her big blue eyes and cute chunky thighs seemed like the perfect combination for a baby model. I went back to my job search and didn’t think about Zulily again until months later when they emailed me. “Yes, we’ll be there!” was my reply. Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 15 2012

The Fashionable Moms of Fashion Week

By at 4:30 pm

So, Iman is hosting the first ever Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show as part of New York Fashion Week this Thursday. Featuring moms wearing clothes that are actually affordable and actually available in stores, it will definitely be a departure from your typical fashion show. But, the moms do take themselves pretty seriously: “No mom jeans. No yoga pants. No sweatshirts.” What do you think? Is this awesome, or over the top?

Fashionable Moms from Big Fuel on Vimeo.


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