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Mar 14 2012

Interviews with Interesting Dudes: Ross Martin of MTV Scratch

By at 2:02 pm

Ross Martin¬†might be the busiest person I’ve ever met. In addition to heading up MTV Scratch–the network’s creative team aimed at the new millenial generation–he’s also a blogger, an indie¬†poet, and, infamously, one of Amy Sohn’s top Park Slope DILFs. Here, he tells us about being a professional trendsetter but a nerdy dad, how he introduced the world to Matisyahu, and how his staff forces him to be Sabbath-observant.

How do you balance being the cool parent and, well, the voice of responsibility?

Uh, our kids wouldn’t even name me the coolest parent in our family. I try to convince them I’m cool all the time, but it’s just not happening. To them, I’m a “voice of responsibility,” as you put it, who tries really hard to be funny and thinks he’s thinner, less bald, and a better athlete than he actually is.

Do you ever want to keep your kids away from any of the stuff you discover–Jersey Shore, for instance? Read the rest of this entry →


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