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Sep 12 2011

First Time Out to a Restaurant Post Baby. How Do Breastfeeding Moms Do It?

By at 4:15 pm

Do you think the waitress would mind if I sneak off to pump in the bathroom?

Back when we were newlyweds–three long years ago–life was simple. If we wanted to go out for dinner, the only question was where we would dine.

Fast forward to this spring. Our duo transformed into a trio. The husband and I managed to get out for Sunday brunch the May weekend after we came home from the hospital, when my parents were still around and could babysit.

But what do you do when you’re a nursing mother, and all of your family lives in a different metro area? In our case, you don’t go out much, and when you do, baby is always in tow. That makes it nearly impossible to enjoy a calm and leisurely dinner, while you worry about the possibility of impending meltdown or have to feed baby before, or while, you yourself eat.

For our wedding anniversary, what we really wanted was some time together, just the two of us. The thought of adult conversation over dinner–without a side of spunky baby attempting to back-flip out of the Ergo carrier or grab my place setting–was highly appealing.

I don’t mean to say that I don’t adore my Baby Girl. I do. But, if parenthood were a law firm, I would have billed north of 600 hours a month for the last four months. It’s meaningful and fun, but it’s also exhausting work to be a full-time stay-at-home mother. Now and again, you need to take a break. Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 12 2011

Friday Night: Sharing

By at 11:38 am

Why would you ever want to share your birthday?

My husband and I have birthdays that are only six days apart. Which, when we first got together, was annoying. Because who ever wants to share a birthday? (I mean, I guess some people don’t mind, but it wasn’t anything I ever wanted to do.) I might have been known for forcing our friends to celebrate twice within a one-week period so that I didn’t have to share my birthday.

And then I had a child. Suddenly, I got better at sharing. After all, I have a kid who takes food off my plate, who gets to choose what tv we watch, and whose sleeping schedule dictates when I’m allowed to leave the house. I just can’t be as selfish about birthdays anymore–or anything else, for that matter.

So this year we’re sharing our birthday celebration. We’re getting one fancy night out. Getting to go out (with free grandparent babysitting!) is such a treat that I’m willing to share it. We can let the waiters sing to both of us at the same time, even. And though we’re going on on Saturday night, I’m going to spend all of Shabbat anticipating. Because after all, it is my birthday (celebrated). I’m allowed to take one evening to have my life be (almost) all  about me again, right?


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