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Aug 19 2011

Mom Gets a Nose Ring

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A long time ago in a Cara far, far away, I had a couple piercings. They didn’t last very long, except for my belly button ring which was removed about two years ago after wearing it for 15 years. I still have five holes in one ear and two in the other, all with tasteful studs in the holes past the primary ones.

I had flirted with the idea of getting a tattoo and even pinpointed where I would get it (the back of my neck, up against the hairline).  I was scared of its permanence, though, and worried about what would happen if  New Kids on the Block ever went out of style.  Then I met my husband and all thoughts of a tattoo vanished.  So, I thought I had moved beyond all of this mishegas. Until two days ago.

My BFF came all the way from Canada to spend four days in Ireland with us. She is a mother of three and for all intents and purposes, pretty conservative. When she said she wanted to do something crazy on the trip, I imagined she meant drinking more than we had three years ago when she visited me in NYC and I was still single. When she said she wanted to get her nose pierced, I laughed it off.  No way would SHE get her nose pierced.

She mentioned it occasionally and on the third day asked where we could take her to get her nose pierced. A voice that I wasn’t sure was my own, said, “I’ll ask the neighbor where we can have it done.” Read the rest of this entry →


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