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Aug 2 2012

Babies Don’t Need All That Stuff

By at 2:31 pm

crib in empty room green wallsWhen I left our house to go to the hospital to deliver our firstborn, there was no crib set up. Even though we knew it was going to be a boy, there were no blue walls, expensive bedding, or themed decorations. We were living amongst boxes with a SOLD sign in our front yard. The guest room was sparsely staged and never functioned as the nursery we had planned. While I was recovering and snuggling our newborn, my husband rushed home from the hospital and set up a co-sleeper next to our bed and picked up a changing table from the furniture store. Read the rest of this entry →

When Can I Furnish My Nursery?

By at 6:12 am

evil eye bead hangingLately, we’ve been talking a lot about nursery rooms. The ones we want, the ones we have, and the ones that are Jewish. But many Jewish parents often wait to decorate a baby’s nursery room until after they are born, on account of superstitions involving the ayin hara, or evil eye. One Kveller reader recently wrote to us about just this, and we thought we’d open up the floodgates to the rest of our readers to see what you guys think.

Judith from Miami writes: Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 26 2012

Send Us Pictures of Your (Dream) Nursery!

By at 2:23 pm
mariah carey baby nursery room

Nursery a la Mariah Carey.

Calling all nursery shots!

Since Tara just shared with us the details of her nursery-in-progress, we thought it might be fun to see how other Kveller readers have decorated their baby’s rooms. Think of it as the perfect opportunity to kvell over your taste in cribs and frog chotchkies. Have you taken on any DIY decor projects? Found fun ways to add a little Jewish something something to the room? Do tell!

Or, if you’re not 100% happy with your nursery, feel free to send pictures of your dream nursery, too. Or dream items for your nursery.

If you’d like to be included in our picture round-up of nursery rooms, please send a jpeg to Or, if you’re on Pinterest (which you should be, if only to follow us, of course!) pin your pictures and include the hashtag #kvellernursery so we can check them out.

Bonus points to anyone who sends a picture of how their nursery actually looks on a normal basis, not just after you’ve gone through and cleaned it up just for a picture.

The Nursery I Want vs. The Nursery I Have

By at 12:46 pm

As my baby bump grows bigger and bigger, the reality of an actual baby is getting more and more intense. In preparation for our little girl, I knew I would need to make a room for her. Our little house is a three-bedroom: one for Paul and I, one for our 16-year-old son PJ, and the other was functioning as my home office/home for a LARGE open kennel for our 85 lb pit bull, Lucy. Not that I actually did a lot of work in the office, or even spent much time in there at all–in fact, it’s largely become Lucy’s room. But the process of drastically changing this room has been just that, a process!

nursery design

The first step has been moving Lucy out of the room–because she used to be in the habit of chewing up various parts of our house when we would leave, so she would have to go into her kennel when we were gone. Since the school year’s ended, we’ve started leaving Lucy outside the kennel in our absence and she’s actually been a little angel. As she gets older, she’s much more calm and less destructive. Now she just sleeps on the couch until we get home and has given us confidence that we can finally get rid of her MASSIVE kennel. So, phase one has been sort of accomplished–yay! Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 10 2011

Show Off Your Crib

By at 9:57 am

Have you seen Tamara Reese’s blog post about how she decorated her nursery? Have you, by any chance, decorated a nursery?

We’d love a peek into our readers’ nurseries to see the fun ways you incorporate Jewish-or-otherwise chotchkies and decorations into your baby’s room. Tell us what awesome items you’ve found and where you bought them, or show us the DIY craft projects you were proud to hang on the wall. And pictures! Send us pictures!

Even if your room didn’t turn out quite as lovely as Tamara’s (because really, have you seen it? It’s awesome), send along your nursery tour to and we’ll feature some of our favorites on the blog.


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