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Nov 10 2011

Occupy Childhood

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Ronia occupies Philly.

A month or so ago, I attended a panel on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement at a synagogue in Brooklyn. My daughter Ronia, 3, was in tow.

Dubious of the deserted childcare facilities on a weekday evening, Ronia scanned the room. She spotted the seven people on stage, waiting to begin their confab. She turned to me and asked, “Are we going to have a chance to go up there and speak?”

I was touched. Three years old and she had not learned the sometimes arbitrary routes by which some people speak and others listen.

When that forum took place, Occupy Wall Street was a curiosity less then a week old. Its major results at that point were inspiring critiques from established activist groups about how they were doing it wrong. But when it took off, I knew I had to be part of it. Having spent some time at Occupy Wall Street, I very much wanted Philly to have a similarly strong Jewish presence. I plugged in the best way I knew how, organizing the “Jewish stuff,” starting with the Kol Nidre services. Read the rest of this entry →

Oct 28 2011

Weekly Roundup: Taking Kids to Occupy Wall Street, Performance Birth & More

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All the Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

occupy car seatOccupy Wall Street becomes a family affair, and our own Jordana Horn writes about it. (TODAYMoms)

– Fodder for the next Republican debate? A federal advisory committee is advising that 11- and 12-year-old boys be inoculated for HPV, a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer and other cancers. Since 2006, the CDC has been recommending that girls, ages 11 and 12, receive the vaccination. (The New York Times)

– Orthodox couples struggling with infertility say they face social isolation. (Ynet)

– Children who receive what a Stanford researcher terms “process praise” (“You must have tried really hard”) are more resilient and less risk-averse than their peers who receive “person-based” praise (“You are really smart”), a new study shows. (Motherlode)

– Babble picks its Top 50 Dad Blogs, with Lesbian Dad taking the top spot in the “most groundbreaking” category. The Busy Dad Blog was named “funniest,” and Matt, Liz and Madeline “most confessional.” (Babble)

– Among the things that stay-at-home moms and working moms feel most guilty about: Their messy homes, according to a new report. (The Juggle)

– Off-Broadway, Linda Lavin takes on the “esteem-shrinking” Jewish mother. (The New York Times)

– The performance artist we told you about last week, the one who was planning to give birth before a crowd of gallery-goers, had her baby, inside Brooklyn’s Microscope Gallery. Clearly the mother, Marni Kotak, wasn’t using Kveller’s Jewish Baby Name Finder; she named her nine-pound, two-ounce son Ajax. (The Washington Post)

Happy Challah-ween!


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