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Jun 4 2012

Share Your Embarrassing Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photos With Us

By at 1:39 pm
molly tolsky bat mitzvah

Our little Molly, officially a woman.

One thing we haven’t talked a whole lot about on Kveller is the quintessential milestone of a young Jewish person’s life: the bar/bat mitzvah. Alina just opened the floodgates with her post about deciding to not throw her son a standard bar mitzvah. On the other side of the spectrum, Kveller’s editorial assistant Molly just uncovered a number of pictures from her own bat mitzvah that are… how do we put this… absolutely amazing?

And now we want to see some of your pictures. The good, the bad, the over-the-top. Did your party have a theme? Were you sporting a sharp power suit? Was your whole family forced to hug in front a professional photographer? Read the rest of this entry →

Mar 23 2012

Kveller Kids Purim Costumes

By at 10:14 am

This was our second year of collecting adorable photos of your kids in Purim costumes, and man, we love it! Thanks to all of you who sent in photos–and feel free to send more and we’ll add them (just email

And now that we’re done with Purim, it’s on to Passover. Don’t forget to take those cute shots of kids eating matzah!

Dec 27 2011

The Kveller Family Hanukkah 2011 Photo Album

By at 1:55 pm

Is it just us, or has this year’s Hanukkah been particularly awesome? For all of the frantic shopping and potato grating and fire┬áhazards, we’re pretty sad that the Festival of Lights ends tonight.

But we won’t cry too much, since our lovely readers sent in so many amazing photos of their families celebrating Hanukkah. Check out the slideshow below, and then search through your own camera, because it’s not too late to add your snapshots to the collection. Just send in your photos to, and we’ll add them to the slideshow here.

We hope you enjoy the pictures, and one last time, happy Hanukkah!

Dec 22 2011

Send Us Your Cute Hanukkah Pics

By at 9:59 am

Say cheese!

We don’t know about you, but all of our Facebook newsfeeds are blowing up with pictures of kids and babies lighting menorahs, or being held near menorahs very carefully. And frankly, they’re all adorable. This got us thinking, and we decided we’d love to see what kind of Hanukkah celebrations YOU all are doing.

If you’d like to share some of your favorite family photos from Hanukkah so far, send them over to and we’ll put together a nice slideshow on the site in the near future. Kids playing dreidel? Kits eating latkes? Kids opening presents? Send, send, send!

**This is sort of obvious, but we have to say it: By sending us your pictures, you’re giving us permission to use the pictures on our site.**

Aug 30 2011

Calling All High Holiday Photographs

By at 11:49 am

As evidenced to the right, searching for Jewish pictures on stock photography websites can be frustrating, if not outright laughable. Our “parent” website MyJewishLearning has had it up to here with phony, staged pictures of Jewish people doing Jewish things, so they’re making a plea to the real Jewish families out there. That’s where you come in.

MyJewishLearning is currently holding a photo contest asking for pictures of real families celebrating Rosh Hashanah. This could mean photos of your kids dipping apples into honey, or the whole family sitting down to a meal. However you celebrate, we would like to see it. The person who submits the best photograph will win an Amazon gift card and have their picture featured prominently on MyJewishLearning. The fame! The glory!

So start clicking through your Facebook albums (or photo albums, for those of you who are so 2003), and add your favorite Rosh Hashanah pics to the contest Flickr pool.

Read full contest guidelines here.


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