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Oct 3 2013

At the Noah’s Ark Exhibit, a Different Kind of Flood

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noah's ark

A few weeks ago friends of mine, each with 15-month-old little girls, invited my daughter and I to the Skirball Center for their awesome interactive Noah’s Ark exhibit. It looked like so much fun. But while the gallery would be filled with pieces depicting the tale of the great flood, I was flooded with panic brought on by my great fears.

As I mentioned in my piece, “I’ve Got a Bad Case of Mommy Cabin Fever,” getting out of the house is a challenge for me. The longest distance I will drive to is my Mommy & Me class, 30 minutes away… and the museum was a bit farther. So the thought of taking the long drive to the museum with a hysterical baby in the back seat (resulting in a hysterical mommy) left me at a loss.

I do not want to stop living life. I do not want to deprive my daughter of fun, educational opportunities–but oh, the panic. I took a deep breath and accepted the invitation. I decided that since the museum was only 10 minutes farther than my Mommy & Me class, I could make a day of it all… how bad could it be?

My plan was to feed my daughter before class, enjoy class, and grab lunch with the other mommies after class while my little angel slept in her stroller. Then I would nurse her and we’d be on our merry way to the museum.

Well, that was my plan. My daughter’s plan was a tad bit different. Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 3 2012

Potty Solutions: Can I Duct Tape My Kid’s Diaper?

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diapers and toilet paperMy son is 28 months old and has lots of new habits. He talks in full sentences, “Are we done yet, Mama?” and memorizes his favorite books so that he can “read” them aloud to himself. He also strips down naked and urinates everywhere.

My boy has no interest in using the potty. We had a small window where he was peeing in his little potty and then one day, complete refusal. When we talk about or offer the potty he cries and says, “No potty!” and with a baby on the way we have no intention of pushing the issue. We want him to learn to use the potty in his own time and at his own pace. Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 6 2012

Parenting Lessons I’ve Learned From, Uh, Poop

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miralaxMy 3.5-year-old, who has been potty trained since last summer, has been having frequent urine accidents off and on over the past few months. My little girl is a sweet, smart, earnest, rule-follower who generally doesn’t give us a hard time about going to the bathroom. She tells me that she wants to keep her pee-pee in her body, but she doesn’t know how. It breaks my heart. Until the fourth accident of the day, when it frustrates the hell out of me.

A few friends had mentioned the possibility that constipation might be the cause of her accidents, but I wasn’t sure, as she’s pretty regular (or so I thought). Yesterday morning I stumbled across this article in the New York Times, which I immediately emailed to my pediatrician. She called a few hours later, and gave us an appointment for 5 p.m. An x-ray of my daughter’s tummy revealed that constipation does seem to be the culprit. We start the Miralax today. Read the rest of this entry →


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