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Nov 1 2011

One of the Millions Without Power

By at 12:42 pm

When the lights went out on Saturday night, the first thing I said was “Oh, no.” We’ve been down this road before.

After Hurricane Irene, we dealt with having no power. And that would have been enough for us, to have no power the last week of August (read: no air conditioning for us, no breastpump for the one month old baby), for a week (or, as my husband says, “five days.” It felt like a billion years, but fine, let’s call it “five days.”). But then we started getting warnings not to drink the water. I could go on about the joys of boiling water to wash breastpump regalia, schlepping all my food over to my parents’ refrigerator and freezer, etc. etc. but it tires me to think of it.

All of those joys, though, took place under sunny conditions with accessible roads. Under those circumstances, it took Jersey Central Power and Light approximately a week (fine, “five days”) to get my power back.

On Saturday night, though, after a good half foot of snow having fallen, and trees snapping like gunshots out in the darkness, I had a sinking feeling that we wouldn’t be getting our power back anytime soon. Read the rest of this entry →


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