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Oct 11 2012

How I Became a Father Six Weeks Earlier than Planned

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avram mlotek new babyWe sat in the waiting room.

My wife and I came up with a list of what we had to do later that day: respond to emails, clean our apartment, maybe watch an episode of Mad Men.

We had been sensitive to the kabbalistic notion of the ayin ha-ra, the evil eye, and refrained from excessive preparation of unconfirmed events. Yet, we figured, with a month away and a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan to reorganize, it was time to build a crib. Earlier that day before the unexpected rush to the hospital, my grandparents surprised us with a rocking chair they had reupholstered for their first great-grandchild. A few hours later, my wife went into labor six weeks before our baby’s expected due date. Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 14 2012

34 Weeks & Suddenly Giving Birth

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charlotte leona

Welcome to the world, Charlotte Leona! We’re wishing Kveller contributer Tara Filowitz Arrey a huge mazel tov on the birth of her first child on August 1st. Read below for her birth story, which happened quite unexpectedly at 34 weeks:

In my last post (when I was 33 weeks pregnant) I said, “There’s something so ken ayina hora about having everything all set to go before we find out if [the baby is] alive and healthy. My Mom likes to tell me that my father’s mother (Grandma Carol) wouldn’t even acknowledge my mother’s pregnancy, even in the ninth month, just in case.” Well, there was definitely something to all of that! Despite having a blissful, super-routine, super-normal pregnancy, everything changed dramatically in week 34… Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 28 2012

My Daugher Lost Her Lovey, and I’m Freaking Out

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pink fuzzy blanket

Have YOU seen Special Blanket?

There’s something missing around our home.

When Penelope was born, I laid out a supply of items I thought might become her lovey. At first, I thought this really cool brown owl would strike her fancy, but she was never interested in it. As she grew and began showing a preference for books, we become very fond of Eric Carle, specifically Brown Bear. She lurved Brown Bear. So I went to our local toy store and got three plush brown bears. She liked them! But she didn’t luff them, with two Fs. Read the rest of this entry →


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