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Sep 15 2011

New Quiz: Rosh Hashanah

By at 2:07 pm

To start of the Jewish New Year, we’ve got a new quiz all about Rosh Hashanah. From the instruments we play to the traditions we keep to the foods we eat (because really, what Jewish holiday would be complete without food?) this test has all your Rosh Hashanah bases covered.

It’s no stumper, either, so you may want to gather your toddler and preschooler and teach them a thing or two. Remember, Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Wednesday, September 28th.

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Sep 1 2011

New Quiz: Israeli Foods

By at 11:29 am

Have you been dipping everything in hummus? Do you experience great joy out of saying the words “baba ganoush”? Then you just may be ready to take our new quiz on Israeli foods. Whether you’ve been to (or live in) the Holy Land or you just frequent that special aisle in the supermarket, once you take this quiz, your taste buds will be very ready for an Israeli meal.

(And lucky for you, we’ve got some recipes to take care of that.)

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Aug 12 2011

New Quiz: Shabbat

By at 3:41 pm

Shabbat begins in just a few hours, so do you know how to celebrate? There’s the fun stuff, like the songs we sing and foods we eat, and the slightly less fun stuff, like the traditional rules and prohibitions.

We’ve got a new quiz to test just how Shabbat savvy you are. Give it a shot, and then challenge your friends.  And then have yourself a nice Shabbat.

If you want to brush up before test time, read up on Shabbat basics, Shabbat blessings, and all about Havdalah.

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Aug 5 2011

New Quiz: Ceremonies for Newborns

By at 10:47 am

So you’ve just given birth. Now what?

If the words brit milah and simchat bat sound Greek (er, Hebrew) to you, you might want to take our new newborn ceremonies quiz to learn a bit more about the Jewish traditions for welcoming babies into the world. And if you’re already an expert, now’s your chance to prove it.

After you finish, if you’re still craving more intellectual stimulation, check out our other quizzes, including the Yiddish Food Quiz and Jewish Celebrity Baby Name Quiz.

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Jul 27 2011

New Quiz: Jewish Names

By at 1:47 pm

We’re rolling out yet another pop quiz for our Kveller readers today. This one is to test your knowledge on the ever important topic of names. From the biblical to the Yiddish to the modern Israeli names, this quiz will be especially handy if you’re currently trying to figure out what to call your little peanut (and we don’t recommend Peanut.) You can study up before hand at our Hebrew baby name bank or just fly by the seat of your pants. Either way, let us know how you do!

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Jul 20 2011

New Quiz: Yiddish Foods

By at 10:51 am

Call up Bubbe and Zayde and see if they can help you with our new quiz on Yiddish foods. From cold soups to bready cakes to beef stews, this quiz will get your mind and taste buds going.

Whether you ace it or fail miserably, be sure to look up all the recipes for these old world favorites in our recipes database when you’re done. And if you’re hungry for more, this classic scene from Seinfeld proves that the more times you say babka in a minute, the better.

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Jul 13 2011

New Quiz: Jewish Children’s Books

By at 2:28 pm

There are some excellent Jewish children’s books out there, both classic and new, and we’re here to see if you’ve been doing your homework. Whether they’re the books you remember from your own childhood or the ones you’ve been reading with your kids at bedtime, test how much you know with our latest quiz.

And if you’re not familiar with these books, maybe a low score on the quiz will shame you into checking them out.

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