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Sep 5 2014

Sam Horowitz, Viral Bar Mitzvah Boy, Launches Fashion Series

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If the name Sam Horowitz doesn’t ring a bell, this video from his bar mitzvah sure might. Just over a year ago, we shared Sam’s Texas-sized bar mitzvah celebration which instantly went viral, garnering the talented young performer appearances on “Good Morning America,” the “Ellen” show, and other local appearances in his hometown of Dallas.

So what is now-14-year-old Sam Horowitz up to these days? If you guessed staying out of the spotlight, you’d be sorely mistaken. Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 14 2013

Sam Horowitz–Bar Mitzvah Boy Gone Viral–Speaks Out

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sam horowitz bar mitzvah dance viral videoSince we posted the video of Sam Horowitz’s bar mitzvah video featuring an elaborate performance with burlesque dancers and Horowitz busting out some pretty impressive dance moves, the kid’s gone totally viral. Like, Good Morning America viral.

GMA chose the bar mitzvah video as their “Play of the Day” and then had him live on the air for an interview this morning. So what’s the story?

The idea for the dance was a combined effort from Sam and his mother, Angela, and the newly-minted man practiced every weekend for three hours for a month to prepare.

You can watch the whole video interview here.

Of note, the article from ABC does include a quote from Sam about the bar mitzvah ceremony itself, saying, “It’s really about the service, and it took two years to prepare for that. It’s a really big milestone in my life and it meant a lot to me, so I’m happy people are enjoying it.”

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Aug 6 2013

Sam Horowitz, Bar Mitzvah Boy: Live at the Omni Hotel

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Hat tip to Jordana Horn for finding the video below which is by far the craziest bar mitzvah video I, and likely you, have ever, ever seen. I’ll skip the obvious jokes about everything being bigger in Texas and just let you watch and decide for yourself.

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