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Dec 16 2013

They Never Screened for Tay-Sachs Until They Met Me

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“Even though your husband isn’t Jewish, let’s screen you for Tay-Sachs,” my Amazonian midwife told me at my 8-week maternity visit. She, like me, and despite the nearly two-foot difference in our heights, is of Ashkenazi extraction. It made sense–why not err on the side of caution?

I wasn’t able to get a 12-week appointment with my midwife that lived with my work schedule, so I saw an obstetrician at the same practice.

“Tay-Sachs?” he muttered back to me as I tried not to fall asleep on the table. “Do we do that?”

Oh, the joys of being Jewish in small town Maine.

“You might be the first Tay-Sachs draw we’ve ever done!” he exclaimed. “I don’t even know how to add it to your lab order!” Read the rest of this entry →


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