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Mar 17 2014

See Kveller Kids Rocking Their Purim Costumes for Purim 2014

By at 11:49 am

Apparently, Princess Elsa and Emmet from “The Lego Movie” were the reigning King and Queen of Purim carnivals everywhere. You all sent us your adorable Purim costume photos and some of you were inspired by the popular movies, but others chose more obscure costumes. We got the usual Spider Mans, fairies, football players, and bumblebees, but also a penguin, Cat in the Hat and even a pair of cotton candies.

We put together this little slideshow so that the kiddos can enjoy one last moment in the spotlight. Got pix you want to add to the mix? Send them to


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Dec 4 2013

Kveller Kids Do Hanukkah, 2013 Edition!

By at 7:00 pm

Happy 8th night of Hanukkah to our readers! Yesterday we asked you on Facebook to send us pictures of your children doing Hanukkah activities–because who doesn’t kvell over seeing their little one go about lighting their first menorah? We received a bunch of adorable pictures from latke eaters to dreidel players, and compiled them in a slideshow for all of you to view, below,

Have a picture you’d like us to add to the slideshow? Just email it over to Enjoy!


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