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Jul 25 2011

Up In Smoke

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Sarah and her mother in 2000, the year Sarah took up smoking

My mom had a symbiotic relationship with cigarettes.

She was a product of the Golden Age of Hollywood, a time when star-crossed lovers proclaimed their undying devotion while blowing smoke in each other’s face–thus sealing their fate that one day, they would die together. (Of lung cancer.)

She was also a product of a home where her parents would unwind after a long day by sitting across from one another at the kitchen table. Her father would strike a match, light her mother’s Lucky Strike, and then his own, and my mom would watch as the smoke from their cigarettes twirled in twin plumes, twisting together in the glow of after dinner peace. These were sacred moments of fleeting stillness– a way of being that transcended the pressures of work and raising children, of keeping house and cooking dinner. And as soon as the last ember fell from their Lucky Strikes, the moment would end.

Until the next.

(They kept the peace living cigarette to cigarette.)

So, it’s little wonder that my mom started smoking on a chilly night in October when the stress of midterm exams weighed down on her.

“Just one…” she said to her best friend as they sat on the steps outside Kingsolving Dormitory at the University of Texas. She coughed. She wheezed. She almost threw up. But she kept going.

One cigarette turned into another and into another and into another, and with a nine month exception in the early ‘80’s, she smoked until the day she died. Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 24 2011

When Mama’s Gettin’ High

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According to the New York Post, “more and more” moms are smoking pot in order to “chillax” from the stresses of childcare. Of course, no statistics or numbers are actually given illustrating this idea, but let’s go along with it for blog posting purposes.

Yes, I get that stay-at-home parents have more than their fair share of insane days surfing the turbulent tides of toddler mood swings, accompanied by the soothing Muzak of temper tantrums and virtuoso whining. But the moms quoted in the New York Post article (am I the only one skeptical of quotes from unnamed sources?) take it a step further – they don’t just smoke up to unwind after the kid goes to sleep. Rather, it’s what they regularly do to get through the day. Which, to me, seems highly not-kosher. And I’m speaking as someone who believes pot should be legalized, but that’s another article. Let’s focus on the Post for a second. Read the rest of this entry →


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