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Jul 8 2014

I Can’t Believe What is Happening to My Home

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Israel is on the brink of war

If it wasn’t for the news and my Facebook feed, I wouldn’t know any better. Sure, I might be wondering why my neighborhood in Israel has suddenly turned into the flight path for the airport, but I probably wouldn’t be worrying too much.

You see, my life is wonderful. I have a great husband and five amazing kids. Everyone is healthy. My husband and I have jobs. We have a beautiful house. My eldest son recently got engaged and we are in the midst of planning a wedding. My day to day, although quite filled and hectic, is quite normal. No sign of the tension, no blaring sirens signaling a 15-second warning to run to a bomb shelter. Nothing at all.

That is unless you look at people’s faces and body language. Read the rest of this entry →

Oct 24 2011

Parents on Gilad Shalit

By at 11:38 am

It would be understatement to say that Israel can be a polarizing issue for Jews, and non-Jews. And as a general policy, we tend to steer clear of it here on Kveller. There’s plenty of parenting material without delving into borders, accords, and White Papers.

Though there are some issues that are just too hard to ignore. And one of those is Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier released last week after 5 years in captivity.  I happened to be in Israel last week when Gilad came home. The country was plastered with posters and signs and riveted to televisions as he stepped onto Israeli soil. Jordana Horn’s post last week captured perfectly the general feeling there.

We’re publishing two more pieces today about Gilad–one from Cara Paiuk whose friend was killed by one of the prisoners being released and another by Mayim Bialik, who was moved by Israelis tending to one of their own.

Stay tuned, we’ll soon be returning to our regular programming.


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