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Dec 16 2014

How to Not Spoil Your Interfaith Kids During the Holiday Season

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How I'm Not Spoiling My Interfaith Kids During the Holiday Season

“We get twice the presents!”

Most interfaith kids will utter this classic, and rather obnoxious, boast at some point during childhood. And I have to admit, it makes me wince and grit my teeth a little. As an interfaith child myself, I understand all too well that bragging about Christmas and Hanukkah gifts can be a defense mechanism, designed to dazzle and deflect those who view interfaith families with skepticism and disapprovalRead the rest of this entry →

Oct 29 2014

I Didn’t Want to Spoil My Kids, So I Gave Them All Credit Cards

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I refused to raise spoiled, entitled kids.

So for their 15th birthdays, I gave each of them a credit card.

They got to charge their expenses, and I paid for it.

I am a careful shopper and look for quality at an off price. I was a Loehmann’s shopper, Filene’s shopper (may they rest in peace) and now I primarily shop in department stores or online when there are sales, clutching my additional discount coupons in my sweaty little hands. Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 27 2012

Spoiler Alert: I Accidentally Spoiled My Kids

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blue towel hanging up

Why is it so hard for my sons to hang up a towel?

FACT: Every parent on earth thinks they don’t spoil their own children, but other children out there are definitely, clearly spoiled.

Just like almost everyone on the planet can point to someone else who is more financially well-off than they are, so too can every parent point to some other mom and dad more indulgent than they are and say, “I don’t spoil MY kids…unlike Mr. and Mrs. So and So, who bought their kid a Ferrari the other day…and he’s FIVE.” Read the rest of this entry →


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